A Group Of Hackers Just Pulled Off One Of The Biggest Bank Robberies In History

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Hackers using malware reportedly stole more than $300 million from banks across the world.


Check Out This Video The iPad Thieves Made To Celebrate Their ‘Good Night’s Hustle’

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They stopped by a Burger King two blocks from the crime scene to record the celebration and post it to Facebook.


Wine-O Grinches Stole $300,000 Worth Of Prime Vintage On Christmas


Some wine-o Grinches made off with $300,000 worth of wine on Christmas from Napa's Michelin-starred restaurant, The French Laundry.

Miller High Life

Someone Stole A Huge Truck Full Of Miller High Life From An Orlando Truck Stop

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A teary-eyed driver told the local news that his truck full of Miller High Life had been stolen from a truck stop in Orlando.


A Former Power Ranger Has Been Using His Stuntman Training To Rob Homes

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It's hard out there for a Ranger, apparently, as a former member of the show has been robbing houses.


Don Henley Would Still Like ‘Arrogant’ Frank Ocean To Get Off His Lawn

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Don Henley is still holding a serious grudge against Frank Ocean over the sampling of 'Hotel California' for the single 'American Wedding.'


Bad News: Some Ladies Stole Hulk Hogan's Shoe. Worse News: It Was Going To Be Auctioned For Charity.

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A woman stole an autographed Hulk Hogan shoe from the wrestler's restaurant in Florida, and that shoe was supposed to be auctioned for charity.


This Lovely Couple Stole A Cell Phone Then Accidentally Sent Their Homemade Porn To The Victim

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If you're going to steal a cell phone, you might want to check the cloud settings before filming a sex tape.


The Sad, Lonely And Ridiculously Valuable Story Of A Championship Ring

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At least a dozen championship rings went up for sale today on an auction website, each one likely with a story as sad as some others from previous years.


Banksy Built A Sphinx In Queens And Some Idiots Claimed Ownership And Took It

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Banksy's latest New York street art contribution was a Sphinx built from crushed cinder block, and it was dismantled and stolen by clueless men.


An Arizona Man Is Having A Great Time Tracking Down A Woman Who Stole His Amazon Package

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After a camera caught a woman stealing his Amazon package from his front door, an Arizona man took to the streets with some hilarious wanted posters.


A Man Paid To Protect $102,000 Worth Of Vintage Whiskey Drank It All Instead

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A B&B caretaker in Pennsylvania is being charged with drinking $102,000 worth of vintage whiskey after seven months of DNA testing proved he did it.


A Thief Stole $500 In Sex Toys From One Woman

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A woman in Sandy, Oregon was one of five victims of a recent thief who broke into cars, as he made away with the $500 collection of sex toys in her trunk.

#Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber’s Concert Takings Stolen By South African Thieves From Stadium Strongroom Using Chisels

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Takings from a Justin Bieber concert were stolen by South African thieves using chisels and hammers.


World’s Dumbest Thief Targeted A Law Enforcement Hockey Game

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As a proud, tax-paying American who has never been arrested and occasionally makes donations to police associations (because someone once told me the sticker stops cops from pulling you over), I’m a big fan of law enforcement.

#Star Wars

The Littlest Millennium Falcon, The Littlest Unicorn, The Biggest Heist, And Afternoon Links

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Today's afternoon links, featuring the smallest Millennium Falcon papercraft, proof that cats love inflatable unicorn horns, and an undersized thief.


Someone Stole Amy Weber's Laptop So She's Just Posting Naked Pictures Now

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In one of the stranger WWE Diva storylines in recent memory, Amy Weber was promoted from the WWE’s Diva Search to Smackdown.


Drunk woman shouting “I’m Jack Sparrow!” hijacked a ferry on Talk Like a Pirate Day

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In case you weren't smart enough to avoid Twitter and Facebook on Wednesday, you probably noticed that it was "International Talk Like a Pirate Day", because we have a day for pretty much anything else you can think of so why not that, too.


Redditor Details 9Gag’s Theft Process


Turns out 9Gag is not exactly as clever and on top of things as they seem.

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