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Look At This Castle Built With A Freaking 3D Printer


It took him less than four months and it's pretty as a picture.

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Watch Bill Murray Make Tongue Twisters His Bitch In A Lost ‘Fun & Games’ Video

By | 4 Comments

Bill Murray was just as awesome and esoteric 30 years ago as he is today.


'Breaking Amish' Star Appears In 'Maxim,' Attributes Impressive Figure To Growing Own Food

By | 19 Comments

A 'Breaking Amish' star has discovered the secret to the perfect body: Gardening!


Hey Geeks! Here Are The First 5 Characters From Joss Whedon’s SHIELD TV Series

By | 36 Comments

Descriptions and possible casting choices for the first five agents in Joss Whedon's SHIELD tv series.


The 12 Canceled Shows with Higher Ratings than NBC's 'Community'

By | 48 Comments

We give an enormous amount of crap to NBC for its treatment of "Community" and the way it is often promoted the show, and perhaps the crap is deserved.


Put This Video in the Smithsonian Immediately

By | 8 Comments

Liz Curtis Higgs is a public speaker and author who focuses mainly on inspirational, religious messages.


What If Presidential Politicians Were More Like Kenny Powers?

By | 9 Comments

Kenny Powers is man who has the ball; he's the man who can throw it faster than f**k.


FX Renews 'Justified' For A Fourth Season

By | 15 Comments

In totally unsurprising and awesome news, FX has picked up "Justified" for a fourth season of dry wit, drug runnin', moonshine drinkin', outlaw chasin', and head shots.


'Community Rises': The Return of the Greendalians Gets Epic Batman Treatment

By | 12 Comments

If the erection you get while watching this Dark Knight Rises/"Community" mash-up lasts more than four hours, please consult a physician.

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Eye Bang The Full 'Game of Thrones' Season Two Trailer

By | 21 Comments

The cold winds are rising, but you can wrap yourself tightly in two full minutes of new footage from the upcoming season two of "Game of Thrones.

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Real Men Give Their Sweethearts ‘Game of Thrones’ Valentine’s Day Cards

By | 10 Comments

There's no better way to show a woman how much you truly love her than with the Valentine's Day cards that count.

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Subway Graffiti Artists Turn Offensive ‘Mad Men’ Ads Into Awesome ‘Mad Men’ Ads

By | 16 Comments

A few weeks ago, the "Mad Men" marketing department sparked some controversy when some overly sensitive types unfamiliar with "Mad Men" imagery got up in arms because the billboard campaign -- which showed a man falling against a white background -- bore a passing resemblance to "The Falling Man," a photograph of a man falling from the World Trade Center on 9/11.

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Peter Dinklage Gets a Striptease on Italian TV. In Other News, Italian TV Is Awesome

By | 26 Comments

I have never heard of "Chiambretti Sunday Night" or its host, Piero Chiambretti, because all the information that I can find about him is in Italian.


Dude Blows the Roof off the ‘American Idol’ Dump By Singing the ‘Family Matters’ Theme

By | 16 Comments

Please trust that I would never, ever inflict "American Idol" upon you without good reason.


Real-Life Beavis and Butthead Will Haunt Your Nightmare’s Nightmares

By | 12 Comments

Kevin Kirkpatrick, one of Hollywood's leading prosthetic makeup artist (he did work on The Wolfman, the upcoming Avengers movie, and is responsible for the prosthetic artistry on Lincoln in this summer's Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter) took the liberty of designing these prosthetic models showing what Beavis and Butthead would look like in real life.


The Fresh Prince Will Make Magic In Your Soul

By | 10 Comments

There have probably been 10 dozen Fresh Prince supercuts, mash-ups and remixes, but this Jaaam re-mix is the reason the Internet was invented.

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