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‘Think Like A Man Too’ Sends Kevin Hart’s Screams To Las Vegas

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The guys and girls from 'Think Like a Man' are back in the new trailer for 'Think Like a Man Too,' which sends them on a crazy trip to Vegas.


Your Mid-Week Guide To DVD And Streaming: Battleship, And Lots Of Other Low-Budget Indie Flicks

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Maybe I'm going soft, but there are a lot of new movies hitting DVD this week, and quite a few of them are indies/low-budget/foreign films that actually look good, which is fortunate because the mainstream Hollywood fare is stuff like Battleship and Think Like A Man.

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'Think Like a Man' Recreated From Passive Aggressive Reviews

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There's this game we like to play, where we take a movie we're probably not going to see anyway (because it looks bad or it's clearly not our demo or whatever), and try to experience it through others' eyes, specifically, those of the embittered critics forced to paint us the picture.

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Aziz Ansari And Chelsea Peretti Are Rebooting 'Think Like A Man'


Did you hear that Think Like a Man <a href="" target="_blank">dominated the box office this past weekend</a>.


Steve Harvey’s ‘Think Like a Man’ trounces Zac Efron’s ‘Cry Like a Girl’

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Expect to see a lot more "urban-targeted films" (movies with black people in them.


Weekend Movie Guide: Find Love Or Save The World

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In Theaters Everywhere: The Lucky One, Think Like a Man Suckling Mother Nature’s Earth Day Teat: Chimpanzee, To the Arctic 3D FilmDrunk Suggests: [FORGET MOVIES.

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Chris Brown Will Star In A Rom Com

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Singer Chris Brown has been cast as one of the four male leads in Think Like a Man, a new film based on comedian and multi-button suit enthusiast Steve Harvey’s best-selling book, "Act Like a lady, Think Like a Man".

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