Bob Sapp's KSW 19 Training Video Features Egg Vomiting, Exploding Pillows

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What you're supposed to get from watching this video: Bobb Sapp is fighting Mariusz Pudzianowski at KSW 19 on May 12.


Just Your Typical Dog On A Bicycle, Leading A Conga Line Of Other Dogs

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I had no idea that small dogs could do anything besides serve as accessories for dudes in skinny jeans, but these pups are something special.


‘I Call It The MEX Games’

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This is acutally helmetcam footage of a BMX racecourse in Chile, not Mexico, but props to Ufford on the headline anyway.


1980s Skate Witches? That Takes Us Back…

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Ever since skateboarding went mainstream, we've become accustomed to guys like Tony Hawk, Bucky Lasek, Bob Burnquist and whoever else I can remember from the first three Tony Hawk Pro Skater video games being the faces of events like the X-Games and the Dew Tour, and the scariest thing about the sport has been those no good punks on the local church steps making their own skate videos.

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