@Storytime: CBS Sports Reports Of Joe Paterno’s Demise Were Greatly Exagerrated

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On Saturday night, while most of the cool kids were out smoking cigarettes in the Taco Bell parking lot, news broke that Penn State coach Joe Paterno had passed away due to complications from lung cancer.


They Took Our Jobs

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Steve Jobs, one of the most important people in our modern world, has died.



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This is unofficially The Week Of Silly Super Bowl Stories, and what better way to open the floodgates with a Bloomberg BusinessWeek piece telling us that the SUPER BOWL CAN ACTUALLY END YOUR LIFE.


Bill Lee: “Steinbrenner’s Dead? Good, I Hated That Guy”

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Famous wackadoo Bill "Spaceman" Lee and his brilliantly white teeth didn't disappoint in the least bit when he was interrupted while shooting a round of probably very wacky golf to answer questions about his former nemesis, the former Yankees owner George Steinbrenner.

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