Watch This Florida Woman Try To Induce Labor By Doing Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ Dance


A 9-months pregnant woman turned to The King of Pop in an effort to dance her way into labor.


This Hockey Player’s ‘Thriller’ Costume Is So Damn Perfect

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P.K. Subban of the Montreal Canadiens has the best Halloween costume ever. This deserves all the hyperbole.


Here Are The Characters From ‘Frozen’ Performing Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’

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For no reason other than it exists, here is a very wonderful video of some of the 'Frozen' characters singing and dancing to 'Thriller.'


Allow Jimmy Fallon To Outline The Pros And Cons Of Zombiehood

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Jimmy Fallon offers up the Pros & Cons of being a zombie, eating at Waffle House and working at Best Buy.


Behind-The-Scenes Of Raptor Amir Johnson’s “Thriller” Zombie Dance


Yesterday was Halloween — if you failed to notice all the trick-or-treaters showing up at your home last night, or all the eggs missing from your local bodega — so it makes sense we'd show you some NBA players in their costumes.


The Indiana Hoosiers Football Team Did The ‘Thriller’ Dance At Practice

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The Indiana Hoosiers took a little break from football practice today to bust out a brief Thriller dance.


Oh, Just Britney Spears Brandishing Halloween Props And Reciting The 'Thriller' Intro With A Bad Accent


The super random "It's Britney, Witch!" Halloween spoof video you didn't know you needed.


Adorable 'Thriller' Fail


The cutest rendition of Thriller you'll ever see does not end well for one of the performers.



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It's rare to see a trailer for a Sci-Fi movie that you haven't heard about - usually they cost hundreds of millions of dollars and the studios are going to make sure there is no one on Earth that has heard of it before the first trailer comes out.


Don’t Stop Til’ You Get Enough

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Today would have been Michael Jackson's 51st birthday.


7.20 The Cooler

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Your Muy Bueno Monday Sexpot, Elsa Torres Foxy Brown, Toni Braxton In Tax Trouble [RGF] Shakes The Clown Is Real [Listen To Leon] "Thriller" Sales Soar Close To Eagles' "Hits" [Reuters] Need Medicinal Cannabis? There's an App For That [Gizmodo] Papoose Disses Fat Joe and [...].

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