With Leather’s Watch This: Stop What You’re Doing, Con Bro Chill’s New Album Is Out!


Party rock star and lacrosse player Con Bro Chill released his new EP, "We Came to Party," today and it's not bad.


With Leather’s Watch This: Kenny Powers Is Working At A Car Rental Place


In a new clip from the first episode of the fourth season of Eastbound & Down, Kenny Powers is working in a car rental place.

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With Leather’s Watch This: Ohio University’s Rendition Of Ylvis’ ‘The Fox’ Is Pretty Good

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Anybody who listens to the FrotCast on a regular basis, and doesn’t ignore the one or two episodes that Vince allows me to be on each year, will know that we’ve been hip to the Ylvis scene for a while now.


With Leather’s Watch This: A Sad Night For Nick Foles And Andy Dalton

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In case you haven’t been following, I’ve had a bit of a fascination this NFL season with my theory of the Thursday Night Football Quarterback Curse.


With Leather’s Watch This: Lo Thine Fantasy Gods, We Beckon Ye For Peyton Manning


Earlier this week, in <a href="">the Fantasy Football Support Group post</a>, I broke down the strange, new curse that is the Thursday Night Football QB conundrum.


The With Leather Fantasy Football Support Group: What The Hell Was That, Drew Brees?

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I’ve had a joke going with several friends over the past few weeks that Calvin Johnson has helped put the Madden Curse to rest, while we’re starting to see the emergence of an all new and much more powerful NFL demon – the Thursday Night Football QB Curse.


With Leather’s Watch This: A Thursday Night Football Game That Should Be Egg-celent

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Word around the Interwebs today has been that the New Orleans Saints have accused Atlanta Falcons fans of egging their team bus at the Atlanta airport yesterday.


With Leather’s Watch This: Finally, Two Awesome NFL Teams Collide On Thursday Night

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Finally, all my complaining about these weak-ass Thursday night football games has come to an end with a real, honest-to-God fantastic game that is dripping with playoff implications.


With Leather’s Watch This: The Ballad Of Vick Ballard And The Bald Indianapolis Colts

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As most of already realize, the purpose of these Thursday Night Football games on the NFL Network is to show other networks like TNT, TBS, USA, BET, ION, WE, LOGO, etc.


With Leather's Watch This: An AFC West Snore

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Yesterday, in perhaps his most prolific artistic contribution to society, <a href="">our forefather Matt Ufford</a> <a href="">introduced us to Philip Rivers with a mustache</a>, and it might be the only thing on this planet that makes <a href="">King Laserface</a> even remotely endearing at this point.

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