Thurz – “N*ggas” Video

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<a href="">King Thurz</a> refuses to allow himself to fall victim to the fate that befell <a href="">Col. H. Stinkmeaner</a> and all other weak-minded simpletons before and after him.


For The Free: Download Thurz’s L.A. Riot Album

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<a href="">Thurz</a>, the 92CREW and DJBooth.


“Manifest” – Review Of Thurz’s L.A. Riot

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At the beginning of his song, “Prayer,” rapper and former U-N-I member, Thurz, candidly addresses his listener: “everybody askin’ me ‘bout U-N-I/plain and simple: didn’t see eye to eye.


Burn Hollywood Burn: Thurz Talks U-N-I Breakup & Sparking An L.A. Riot

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In a recent interview with MTV's Rapfix, Wale noted that too many rappers had blown up from the Internet, therefore crowding the window of opportunity for artists via the world wide web.


The LA Leakers – “Purp And Yellow”

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<a href=""> When "Black & Yellow" finished humming through the speakers on the first spin, my immediate thought was "we're gonna get hella freestyles for this beat." It happened. My second thought was "'Black & Yellow?' Aww man, Snoop's gotta get on this." And now, the song has come to fruition thanks to the <a href="">LA Leakers</a> curating the collaboration as their "Leak Of The Week.

We All In

DJ Ill Will x DJ Rockstar x Balance – We All In

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The Bay Area has been on the map for years and now it just got a little more balanced.

We All In

Balance Feat. Thurzday, Mistah F.A.B. & Fashawn – “Bootleg Liquor”

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When <a href="">Balance</a> saying he's going all in, he's cashing in all his poker chips and bringing the entire Golden State with him.


“Voltron” – Review Of U-N-I’s A Love Supreme

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Normally the best place to start in a story is at the beginning, but for every rule there’s an exception and this is one of those cases.

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