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Tiger Woods Has Been Framed

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Back in June, adult actress Devon James jumped in on Adultererpalooza when she claimed to not only have had an affair with Tiger Woods, but that she made a sex tape with the embattled golfer and that he was also the father of her 9-year old son.

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Links With A Meme-y Center and the Best Tattoo Idea Ever


PICTURES: Joe dropped the awesome shop above in the <a href="../2010/10/links-and-danzig-buying-kitty-litter">links</a> post yesterday, and Matt made the inset pic for <a href="">RoboShark</a>.


Tiger Woods Sex Tape Something Something

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Devon James, the adult film star who is perhaps best known for being one of Tiger Woods' sex partners before the golf star divorced his wife, is allegedly marketing a sex tape featuring the both of them mashin' dem guts.


Elin Woods Does Interview To Tell Everyone That She Won’t Be Doing Interviews

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Elin Woods has broken her silence, and I'd like to think that she did it with the cutest little Swedish accent.


John Daly Is Mean Muggin

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This picture of British Open winners throughout the years has been making its rounds around the internet, and I would be remiss in my duties as a With Leather contributor if i did not photoshop it somehow.


There’s A Tiger Woods Baby On the Loose?

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Coming to a television near you is a report that a human exists that is so biologically superior to all of us that she, at her current age of seven, could probably beat most of us at any competition known to man besides the one where we can prove that we are legally allowed to drive a car.


Tiger Will Stick His Neck Out For US Open


In his infinite wisdom, Larry David has a theory on the origin of neck injuries.


Lefty Has To Settle For No. 2


Phil Mickelson has a tendency to either be an incredibly clutch golfer or one of the biggest choke artists in all of sports.


Tiger Woods C*ckblocked By Wife, Who Wants $750 Mil

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The tortuous volume of angst continues to build in Tiger Woods' loins as his legal team continues to hash out the terms of his divorce with the former and soon to be again Elin Nordegren.


Tiger Adds British Open To Schedule

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Despite an injured neck and crippled public image, Tiger Woods has added the British Open to his scheduled tournaments.


Tiger Woods, D-Wade Divorce Updates

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Tiger Woods is trying to get out of his marriage faster than Usain Bolt.


Another ‘Fan’ Got Tased, This Time In Golf

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Tiger Woods wasn't the only one that fell on his face this weekend.


Elin Went Jogging, Tiger Sent Packing

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We briefly mentioned that Tiger Woods missing the cut in his second event back since he apologized for banging all of those women.


Tiger Woods: ‘I Banged 120 Women’ …And He Still Left One Off

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The worst thing about cheating, I would guess, is being punished over and over from things that you've already done.


Tiger Woods Divorce ’100 Percent Happening’

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At least one report out there in the series of tubes is quoting a source close to Elin Nordegren, wife of Tiger Woods (for now, anyway).

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