‘Roar’ Is Basically An Absurdly Dangerous, $17 Million Cat Video About Killer Lions


'Roar' is roughly a cross between the movie the Grizzly Man from 'Grizzly Man' might've made and mom's emails about her cat.


A Man Was Cleared Of Bestiality Charges After His ‘Tiger Porn’ Turned Out To Be Some Guy In A Tiger Costume


British authorities were able to distinguish a man dressed up as a tiger from a real one thanks to a popular cereal jingle.

Far Cry 4

Get A Taste Of Shangri-La In The Latest ‘Far Cry 4′ Trailer

'Far Cry 4' gets more than a little trippy in its latest trailer.


Japan’s Zoo Jeans Is Putting Ferocious Animals To Work Shredding Your Denim


The folks behind the Mineko Club and Makine Zoo in Japan are auctioning three pairs of jeans that were shredded by lions, tigers and bears.


Check Out These Bad Tattoos Turned Into Hilarious Photoshop Triumphs


Sometimes poor choices can lead to hilarious conclusions, especially on the internet. Take these bad tattoos turned Photoshops for example.


Adorable Toddler In Tiger Suit Plays With Real Tiger Cub

Marshall wears his tiger costume and gets chased by a real life tiger cub (with a thick pane of glass between them, of course) at the zoo in Tacoma, WA.


Stephen Colbert Solved The Lion Vs. Tiger Debate Once And For All


Never one to shy away from a controversial subject, Stephen Colbert tackles the lion-tiger rivalry head on.


Brazilian Family Lives With Tigers

A Brazilian family shares its home with full-grown pet tigers.


Dog Refuses to Share Water With Tiger

This cranky pup is very particular about who gets to take a sip from his water bowl.


Newborn White Bengal Tiger Cubs

A litter of four rare white bengal tiger cubs recently made their public debut at the Buenos Aires Zoo.


Lions and Tigers and… Bulldogs?

Two-year-old English bulldog Hugo is raising a lion and tiger as his own pups.


The Youngest Tiger Cub Ever Filmed in the Wild

A ten-day-old tiger cub -- one in a litter of four -- tumbles from the den, only to be carried back to safety in its mother's massive jaws.


Couching Tiger

Have you ever wondered what a tiger does on his day off.


Snowman With Camera Hidden Inside Viciously Mauled By Tiger


I've always wanted a pet tiger. This hidden camera footage does not discourage me from wanting that.


Afternoon Links Are Grrrre… Okay.

Today's afternoon links, featuring an honest Tony the Tiger, Batman and Harvey Dent cats, and a cat who dreams of being a DJ.


Swimming With a Tiger Cub

An animal park in Florida offers its visitors something unique: A chance to swim with Tony the tiger cub.

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