Inventor Of Internet: I Never Expected Cats Would Be Such A Big Deal

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To celebrate the internet's 25th birthday, Tim Berners-Lee, the man widely credited as the inventor of the internet, participated in a Reddit AMA. Naturally, cats came up.


The World Wide Web Went Public 20 Years Ago Today. Let Us Celebrate With Internet Goodness.

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Today is the World Wide Web's 20th birthday in the public domain. Let's celebrate with pictures both about the web and made possible by the web. So meta.


Saving Bad Luck Brian, Web Development, And Links


Today's links, featuring an accurate description of Tim Berners-Lee, a mashup of memes, and a luxurious kitten bath.


The First Picture Ever Uploaded To The Web Is Exactly What You'd Expect

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Next Wednesday marks the 20th anniversary of the first photograph uploaded to the world wide web. We offer the backstory on this masterwork.

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