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Michael Keaton Confirms Beetlejuice Sequel Is Maybe Happening And Here Are All The Details

By | 11 Comments

The internet is hoping Beetlejuice 2 will happen in their lifetime. Michael Keaton talks about the chances of a Beetlejuice sequel.


Nic Cage Says ‘Warner Brothers Got Scared’ Of His Version Of Superman

By | 15 Comments

Nic Cage talks about comic books and about that time he almost played Superman in Tim Burton's 'Superman Lives'.


Tim Burton in talks to direct Beetlejuice 2, written by Seth Grahame-Smith

By | 24 Comments

Tim Burton has basically been plagiarizing himself for the last decade, so much so that he even married a human Tim Burton character.


Tim Burton Is Still Trying To Make ‘Beetlejuice 2′ Happen

By | 7 Comments

'Beetlejuice 2' is apparently a thing that is happening, despite fan request.


The Minecraft Beetlejuice Roller Coaster Is Pretty Amazing

By | 8 Comments

While there are no new updates regarding <a href="">the rumored Beetlejuice sequel</a> that is a collaboration between the film’s original director Tim Burton with his new bro-ish protégé, Seth Grahame-Smith, it’s safe to assume that it’s still a go, considering a decade-late sequel would be rather apropos for Burton these days.


The Nic Cage-starring, Kevin Smith/Tim Burton-made Superman Film That Never Was

By | 28 Comments

If this isn't your first time on the internet, chances are you've come across at some point the picture of a stoned-ass Nic Cage wearing a Superman suit over his pooka necklace, or that<a href="" target="_blank"> video of Kevin Smith</a> talking about the time a producer Jon Peters wanted him to write a Superman with three conditions: I don't wanna see him fly, he doesn't wear that f*cking suit, and he has to fight a giant spider in the third act.


Ladies, Meet The 48-Year Old Man Who Runs His Own Beetlejuice Museum

By | 13 Comments

It has been rumored for quite some time <a href="">that a Beetlejuice sequel is on the way</a>, as Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter author Seth Grahame-Smith had buddied up with Tim Burton and wrote a screenplay for the Michael Keaton classic.


Taken 2 opens with $50 million, Frankenweenie bombs

By | 17 Comments

I expected it to do well, but $50 million for Taken 2 is downright shocking.


Someone Made A 'Mars Attacks' okcupid Dating Profile Because Why Not?

By | 12 Comments

I guess as time has passed, the legend has grown stronger and more people have come to appreciate just how amazing of a film it is, but for a long time it really seemed like Mars Attacks was one of the most underrated and underappreciated movies of all-time.


New trailer for Tim Burton's Frankenweenie. Mmm, Burtony.

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After the jump, the new trailer for Tim Burton's Frankenweenie, which, <a href="" target="_blank">io9</a> points out, was the film that got Tim Burton fired from Disney.


Three Clips And Ten Pics From 'Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter'

By | 2 Comments

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter opens next Friday, and we finally have three clips to go with the <a href="">trailers</a> from earlier this year.


Review: Dark Shadows is a feast of reaction shots

By | 47 Comments

A Shiny Coffin Filled with Farts In Dark Shadows, Tim Burton boldly challenges the notion that movies are a medium for telling stories.


Tim Burton & Seth Grahame-Smith: An Obvious Partnership

By | 25 Comments

Seth Grahame-Smith (aka <a href="" target="_blank">Seth Jared Greenberg</a> - why would you give yourself a hyphenated name on purpose.


This Week in Posters and Stills

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THIS WEEK IN POSTERS: Okay, I don't like to bore you guys with too much of the behind-the-scenes around these parts, but just to clarify, I wasn't lying when I said that I was moving this feature to Wednesdays.


Dark Shadows Has A Trailer

By | 32 Comments

Late yesterday afternoon Warner Bros released the trailer for Tim Burton’s Dark Shadows, which stars Johnny Depp, Michelle Pfeiffer, Eva Green, and Chloe Moretz (think unsexy thoughts, think unsexy thoughts.


Tim Burton's Frankenweenie looks hella Tim Burton-y

By | 22 Comments

Here we have the trailer for Frankenweenie, Tim Burton's stop-motion remake of his own short from 1984 (not to be confused of course with <a href="" target="_blank">Frankenpenis</a>, a 1996 adult film starring John Wayne Bobbit).


New Trailer For “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter” Is Longer Than Yesterday’s


Four score and seven sharks jumped before Yesterday Vince posted <a href="">this trailer</a> for Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, produced by Tim Burton and directed by Timur Bekmambetov (Wanted).


The Plot of Pixar’s Next Two Films and More from D23

By | 18 Comments

Disney's second D23 Expo took place in Anaheim over the weekend, and I'm sad I missed it because I love self-congratulatory industry circle jerks run by the marketing department (especially when they serve sliders.

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