A Self-Aware Tim Duncan On The Spurs’ Playoff Run: ‘I’m Enjoying It More’

See that smile? So much for Tim Duncan never showing emotion.

Los Angeles Clippers

Why It’s An Absolute Crime This Spurs-Clippers Series Has To End


A classic series is coming to an end, and the Los Angeles Clippers as we know them could be, too.


How Likely Is LaMarcus Aldridge To Leave Portland In Free Agency?

LaMarcus Aldridge occupies an entirely unique place in the game of basketball, full of juxtapositions -- if not contradictions.

san antonio spurs

Hear How Doc Rivers Nearly Dismantled The Gregg Popovich, Tim Duncan Spurs Duo


The Clippers and Spurs are set to tip off their first-round playoff series at 10:30PM ET tonight on TNT.


Manu Ginobili Calls ‘Old As Dirt’ Tim Duncan’s Performance ‘Ridiculous’

Steve Nash is gone. Kobe Bryant can't stay on the floor. Kevin Garnett might as well be finished. And Paul Pierce and Vince Carter are shells of their former selves. Age has finally caught up with NBA superstars of a decade past, rendering them retired or on the brink of hanging it up.


Fair Or Foul? Tim Duncan Blocks James Harden’s Game-Winning Layup


This was James Harden's MVP moment...until it wasn't.


Which Dance Is Better: Danny Green’s Kung Fu Fighting, Or Tim Duncan’s Mix-It-Up?

Danny Green got all Mr. Miyagi before the Hawks game, and Timmy appeared to stir-it-up from the sideline. But which dance was better?

#LeBron James

Who Dunked It Better: LeBron James, Kawhi Leonard, Or…Tim Duncan?

They were going at it in the first half on TNT tonight. So who dunked it better?


After Tim Duncan Hyperextends Elbow, His Girlfriend Rightfully Complains About No Call

Tim Duncan's girlfriend took umbrage after her beau was injured when Amir Johnson threw a forearm shiver into Tiago Splitter.

san antonio spurs

The San Antonio Spurs Are Coming: And Gregg Popovich’s Big 3 Know It


It's no wonder the Big Three is so genial with Gregg Popovich. Winners of five straight games, the Spurs are suddenly flashing the historically dominant form that made them NBA Champions last June. It was inevitable, folks – San Antonio is coming.


Tony Parker Goes Spin Cycle on Aaron Brooks And Diaw and Duncan Approve

Tony Parker hits Aaron Brooks with the nice spin move and hesi, Duncan, Diaw and the rest of the Spurs bench approve.


Who Dunked It Better Last Night: Tim Duncan or DeAndre Jordan?

Tim Duncan scored a game-high 30 including a jam on DeAndre Jordan. But DJ's team won and he posterized Marco Bellinelli. Which was better?


Watch Tim Duncan Step Behind Arc And Casually Swish Corner 3-Pointer

The skilled big man in today's game inevitably develops a three-point shot at some point in his career, or at least makes a concerted attempt to do so – such is the historic premium on space and expected efficiency of jumpers. But Tim Duncan entered the league 15 years too soon to be coaxed into expanding his range.


Tim Duncan On Fashion: ‘I Don’t Do Style. I Just Show Up For Games’

New York City is currently every young professional athlete's paradise. Not only has All-Star Weekend descended on the Big Apple, but the NBA's main event happens to be coinciding with Fashion Week. That sound you just heard was Russell Westbrook letting out a primal yell of excitement. But not every All-Star shares the Oklahoma City Thunder superstar's zeal for printed tops, fitted bottoms, and lensless eyewear. But that often doesn't prevent Tim Duncan's off-court attire from being any less hideous, and his approach to clothing in general explains exactly why.


The Top 10 NBA All-Star Game Dunks Of All Time


Ranking the best in-game high fliers in NBA All-Star history, including Dr. J, MJ and more.


Gregg Popovich Thinks Tim Duncan Will Play In 2015-2016

This season might not be the last that Tim Duncan's All-Star selection is met with such scrutiny.


Watch This Tongue-In-Cheek Animated Short: “Spurs Special Forces”

We'd always assumed the San Antonio Spurs were really a rag-tag band of elite Special Forces.


Video: Omer Asik Tips Ball Into Own Basket At Buzzer To Force Overtime

Three consecutive victories by the New Orleans Pelicans over the San Antonio Spurs.

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