Us And Them: A History Of The Term “The Big Three”

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Now that Kevin Love has joined forces with LeBron James and Kyrie Irving in Cleveland, NBA fans can rest easy that this season will not pass by (in fact, the real worry might be how many minutes can pass by) without hearing the words “The Big Three.


Tim Duncan Stalled But Came Back For Chance At Back-To-Back Titles


When the San Antonio Spurs captured the fifth title of Tim Duncan's career this past spring, the thought of retirement flitted across his purview.


LeBron James Says There’s A “Greater Chance” He Stays In Miami If They Beat Spurs


In LeBron James' chat with Rachel Nichols for CNN's Unguarded — airing tonight at 10:30 p.


Tim Duncan Defends Hawks GM, Danny Ferry, Saying “He’s Not A Racist”


When current embattled Hawks GM Danny Ferry -- who is facing a lot of calls to end his tenure with Atlanta after his comments about Luol Deng joined the Spurs as the VP of basketball operations in 2010.


Tim Duncan Is Joining The Marvel Universe On An Upcoming Cover Of ‘The Punisher’

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NBA star Tim Duncan is combining his love of comic books and cars by having his garage design and actually build the Punisher's new ride.


Tim Duncan Will Be Appearing In An Issue Of The Punisher


Tim Duncan once wore a knee brace with the logo of Marvel's The Punisher on it.


Projecting The Top-20 Rated Players In NBA 2K15

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With the release of basketball gaming king NBA 2K15 less than a month away, we project the ratings for the game's top-20 players.


Tim Duncan’s Top 10 Plays Of The 2013-2014 Season


Kawhi Leonard was MVP of the 2014 NBA Finals, but there's an argument to be made that Tim Duncan was the San Antonio Spurs' best player against the Miami Heat.


Tim Duncan Explains Why He Didn’t Retire On “Late Night With David Letterman”


After Tim Duncan won his fifth NBA Championship earlier this month, many felt the 14-time all-star, two-time MVP and three-time Finals MVP could possibly call it quits.

#LeBron James

San Antonio Billboard Touts Duncan’s “Loyalty” Over LeBron’s “Royalty”


Clear Channel, the same company who came up with this inventive San Antonio billboard before the 2014 NBA Finals* has put one up showcasing the divergent paths Tim Duncan and LeBron James have taken with their player options this summer.


Tim Duncan Revealed To David Letterman Why He’s Sticking Around Another Year

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On tonight's 'Late Show,' Tim Duncan tells David Letterman that he still has another good year in him, much to Spurs fans' delight.


Video: The Top 10 Dunks Of The 2014 NBA Finals


The Spurs were supposed to be too old to hang with the athletic Heat, but when we look back at the lopsided 2014 NBA Finals, we see instances where Kawhi Leonard asserted his own dominance in the air.


Kobe Bryant On Tim Duncan Matching His Five Rings: “I’m Not OK With That”

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After Tim Duncan won his fifth NBA Title Sunday night, he tied Kobe Bryant for the number of championships.


Video: The Full Spurs Championship Ceremony


The San Antonio Spurs are your 2014 NBA Champions, so check out commissioner Adam Silver performing his first championship ceremony as he hands over the Larry O'Brien Trophy to Spurs owner Peter Holt, general manager R.

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