Tinder Plus Requires Anyone 30 Or Older To Pay More, Because Old People Are Gross

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Instead of hooking up with friends of friends for free, Tinder users can now pay for it. That's legal, right?


Insane Tinder Girl To Jewish Suitor: ‘Unfortunately, Hitler Didn’t Get Rid Of You’

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There is a right way and a wrong way to shut a guy down on Tinder. Safe to say this falls in the 'wrong' category.


This Girl On Tinder Requested A 7 Page Essay From A Potential Boo On Why His Penis Was ‘Worthy’

By | 8 Comments

Would you write a seven page essay to win over a girl on Tinder? This guy did, with some help from Reddit.


Elderly Singles Can Now Swipe Left Or Right With Their Very Own Tinder App


Stitch, as it's called, hopes to spice up the lives of single seniors.

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So There’s A Tinder For Elitists Now, And It Just Raised $2.1 Million In Funding

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It's called 'The League,' and it wants to ensure that successful people breed with other successful people only.


Watch Conan Enter The Danger Zone To Interview Archer And Help Him Battle Some Russian Mobsters

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Conan invites Sterling Archer onto his show and ends up taking a violent ride to remember while discussing the finer points of Uber.

Swipe Right Night

This Is What Happened At The Atlanta Hawks’ Tinder-Themed, ‘Swipe Right’ Night

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On Tuesday we told you about a promotion by the Atlanta Hawks for fans attending Wednesday night's game against the Memphis Grizzlies called "Swipe Right Night", a Tinder-themed event designed to, well, find you a date, perhaps.

Swipe Right Night

The Atlanta Hawks Want To Help You Find A Date With A Tinder-Themed ‘Swipe Right Night’

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The Hawks don't want you to have to watch the best team in the East all alone.


‘My Uterus Is Buried In The Ground': This Woman Joined Tinder As A Horny Ghost

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"I'm going to redownload Tinder and try to convince every boy that I am a ghost."


What If Tinder Made An eHarmony-Style Commercial?


What if hookup app Tinder advertised the same way as traditional dating services like eHarmony and Match.com?


Check Out This Engineer’s Automated Hack That Allows Him To Endlessly Swipe Right On Tinder

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If you've ever grown tired of swiping right on Tinder, this engineer may have found the intricate solution for you: robots.


Would You Swipe Right For This Girl And Her Wonderful Tinder Tagline?

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Heather, 20, could be the best thing that's ever happened to you. Or the worst.


Frotcast 221: We Rate D*ck Pics Men Have Sent Alison Stevenson

By | 34 Comments

Alison Stevenson joins the FilmDrunk frotcast as we rate her creepiest online dating messages and best dick pics.


Are You Desperate Enough To Date This Ridiculous D-Bag On Tinder? (No.)

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Have some self-respect. Don't date d-bags who post their banking account to Tinder.

#Jimmy Fallon

Here’s Jimmy Fallon’s Pros And Cons Of Dating Britney Spears With Britney Spears

By | 13 Comments

Britney Spears makes an appearance on The Tonight Show to outline the pros and cons of dating her in this eye opening segment.

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