Watch These Hilarious Outtakes Of Conan And Dave Franco Exploring Tinder


Conan and Dave Franco made beautiful comedic music together with their Tinder experiment, and here's the outtakes.


Stop What You’re Doing And Watch Conan And Dave Franco Explore Tinder With Hilarious Results

By | 29 Comments

Conan, Dave Franco, and the sweetest of rides navigate the wild world of Tinder with some hilarious results.


Frotcast 208: Laremy Reads Mean Comments, Alison Reads Bad Tinder Texts

By | 22 Comments

Laremy reads your meanest comments about him and reviews 'Jersey Boys,' while Alison Stevenson talks 'Obvious Child' and reads her creepiest Tinder messages.


This Guy Texted 32 Tinder Matches At Once. The Ladies Bonded…With Each Other.

By | 11 Comments

A Tinder user accidentally (?) texted all of his Tinder matches at once. The ladies enjoyed...talking to each other.


One Brave Genius Used Jaden Smith’s Dumbest Tweets As Icebreakers On Tinder

By | 17 Comments

One genius used some of Jaden Smith's dumbest tweets as opening lines on Tinder... and it actually worked pretty well.

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The Worst Person Ever Giving A Tinder Tutorial Should Hopefully Scare You Away From Using Tinder

By | 12 Comments

This Tinder "tutorial" demonstrates why you should stay far the hell away from Tinder.


Humanitarians Of Tinder Use Goodwill To Get Laid

By | 4 Comments

Your freshman year friend is using their pictures from when they went to Africa to get some.


A Security Flaw Exposed Tinder Users Exact Location For Months


Tinder had a security flaw that exposed users by giving away their exact location for months. Quick, look over your shoulder!


25 ‘Next-Level’ Olympian Tinder Profiles That Will Make You Feel Bad About Your Body

By | 16 Comments

The world's most physically fit people, all trying to get laid through Tinder.


All Of The 2014 Winter Olympics Athletes Are Using Tinder To Hook Up Because Why Not

By | 11 Comments

2014 Winter Olympics athletes are using the matchmaking app Tinder to hook-up. Might as well keep warm.

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