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Indiana: Please Don’t Start Lance Stephenson at Point Guard

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Other than "I can't stand Reggie Miller," the last thing you'd expect to hear from an Indiana Pacers fan is, "I hope we start T.

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Gone By November

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Monty Williams and Byron Scott are gonna have a lot to talk about the next time they cross paths.


Dime Q&A: D.J. Augustin on music, playing with Kevin Durant, and playing for Michael Jordan

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With Raymond Felton possibly on his way out of Charlotte (not to mention Larry Brown), next season could be D.

Troy Murphy

The Pacers Need a Point Guard

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As the end of the NBA regular season draws near, fans of the forgotten Lottery squads all ask themselves one question: Should we start tanking games now to get a better draft pick.

Troy Murphy

The trade bringing Evan Turner, Elton Brand to Indiana

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The funniest thing about the NBA Draft Lottery is how team reps try to balance acting happy about getting a high pick with looking sufficiently disappointed that their team was bad enough to end up at the Lottery in the first place.


Is Danny Granger a Franchise Player?

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Around this time last year, the Indiana Pacers were in pretty good shape.


Duke and Butler in the NCAA title game; Derrick Rose is a Bad Man

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Everybody wants to make the Hoosiers comparison, but the best movie for Butler's surprise run to the NCAA championship game might be Invictus.

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The NBA’s Top 10 Fastest Players

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For years in the NBA when you thought of the fastest player in the League, it was Allen Iverson.

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NBA Hit List Power Ranking, 3.3

By | 28 Comments

Ranking the NBA from worst to first.


Diagnosing the Rockets’ problem

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Two things that will make me angry enough to twist my face into a Kendrick Perkins scowl and start launching Mike Tyson threats: Any Houston sports-related headline that reads, "Houston, we have a problem," and any Seattle-related story headlined, "Sleepless in Seattle.


“We Want T-Mac!”

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It took about 22 seconds for the wounded, jaded Knicks fans at MSG to fall in love with Tracy McGrady.


Nuggetz With Attitude

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There were just too many elements conspiring against the Mavs going into last night's game in Denver.


Don’t Stop Believing

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Less than a minute to go in Orlando, the Wizards were up one with the ball.

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