Morena Baccarin Will Be Ryan Reynolds’ Love Interest In ‘Deadpool’

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Morena Baccarin will play the lead in 'Deadpool' and fall for the Merc with a hideously-scarred mouth.


Gina Carano Joins ‘Deadpool’ As One Of The X-Men

By | 30 Comments

Gina Carano is joining Ryan Reynolds and T.J. Miller in 'Deadpool', and another familiar member of the X-Men is also coming along for the ride.


T.J. Miller Managed To Offend All Of The Real Silicon Valley During The Annual Crunchies Awards

By | 67 Comments

T.J. Miller rubbed a lot of people the wrong way during his offensive, hilarious appearance at the eighth annual Crunchies Awards.


What The Heck Is Going On Between Marc Maron And T.J. Miller?

By | 32 Comments

Is T.J. Miller going off on Marc Maron on Twitter for real?


T.J. Miller Discusses The Art Of The Local Morning Show Interview With Conan

By | 11 Comments

T.J. Miller gets a chance to discuss his numerous morning talk show appearances and how they're each special in their own way.


Sex With Minors And Pandering To China: ‘Transformers: Age of Extinction’ Gets An Honest Trailer

By | 6 Comments

The honest trailer for 'Transformers: Age of Extinction' reminds us to be skeeved out by this franchise.

Michael Bay

TJ Miller Calls Working With Michael Bay ‘A Very Bipolar Experience’

By | 32 Comments

TJ Miller says Michael Bay basically treated him like a dancing bear on the set of Transformers.


Michael Bay Hit ‘Transformers: Age of Extinction’ Actors With A Broom (Plus Clips)

By | 4 Comments

Here are three clips from 'Transformers: Age of Extinction' along with a story about how Michael Bay kept actors in line on set.


The Trailer For Comedy Central’s ‘Jason Nash Is Married’ Is A Who’s Who Of Who We Love

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Comedy Central is getting into the digital feature film game, starting with the star-studded 'Jason Nash is Married.'


Bad BOYZ II MEN in Black


That's right: Bad Boys meets BOYZ II MEN meets Men in Black.


You had me at ‘Patton Oswalt at an end-of-the-world wine orgy.’

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I clicked play on the trailer for Seeking a Friend at the End of the World (the directorial debut of Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist screenwriter Lorene Scafaria), prepared to see Steve Carell slumming it in yet another mediocre broad comedy, but instead it opened with a catchy plot - the mission to save Earth has failed, there's an asteroid on a collision course with Earth and everyone has three weeks to live - then our buddy Rob Huebel showed up, and by the time Patton Oswalt arrived as a boozy dude drinking wine straight from a carafe at an end-of-the-world booze orgy, I had already glee-fainted and was leaking saliva on the linoleum.


Dane Cook responds to chainsaw-sexed-a-whore gate

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Last week, I told you about Dane Cook's allegedly disastrous drop-in set at The Laugh Factory (a story the AV Club broke), in which he discussed how he'd "chainsaw f*cked a disgusting whore's c*nt," and was derided for his "misogynistic, cruel, and arrogant" set by a number of fellow comedians, notably TJ Miller.


Dane Cook bombed. Badly. (Update)

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Before this descends into the usual Dane Cook-bashing, I feel compelled to say that I do have some sympathy for the guy.

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