Rob Gronkowski Is Training Chandler Jones To Fight UFC Champ Jon Jones

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TMZ Sports caught up with Rob Gronkowski, and he's apparently training Chandler Jones to fight Chandler's brother, UFC champion Jon Jones


The Coast Guard Is Pretty Upset With ‘Workaholics’ After Their Portrayal In The Season Premiere

By | 18 Comments

The Coast Guard did NOT like how they were represented on the newest episode of 'Workaholics.'

jamie lynn spears

Watch Surveillance Footage Of Jamie Lynn Spears Using A Huge Knife To Break Up A Pita Pit Brawl

By | 11 Comments

Here's footage of Jamie Lynn Spears and her gigantic balls breaking up a fight with a knife at a Louisiana Pita Pit.


In Case You Missed It, Jeff Hardy Fell Off A Damn Cage This Weekend

By | 34 Comments

Jeff Hardy fell off a cage at Sunday's TNA taping, and it's bad news until you look a little closer.


The Miz Says He’ll Beat The Neon Off RiFF RaFF If He Makes It To WWE

By | 33 Comments

MTV RiFF RaFF wants to make it to WWE. If he does, he'll run into MTV Mike Mizanin and it won't be pretty.


The Lead Singer Of Say Anything Vomited On A Security Guard In The Middle Of A Concert

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Max Bemis of the band Say Anything barfed on some poor guy's head during a concert in West Hollywood last night.


Kevin Federline Wants You To Know That Is Not His Little K-Fed In Those Penis Pics

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Pictures of Kevin Federline's penis have allegedly surfaced, but Britney Spears' ex says they are definitely not his.


Bill Nye Went On A Bizarre Rant About His Ex-Fiancee And Robert Picardo’s Divorce

By | 9 Comments

TMZ caught up with Bill Nye, who HAD SOME SH*T TO SAY about his good friend Robert Picardo's divorce.


Billy Jack Haynes Is Suing WWE For Allegedly Giving Him Hep C

By | 20 Comments

Billy Jack Haynes is taking WWE to court for over $5 million in claims that he contracted Hepatitis C in an unsafe work environment.


Hulk Hogan Will Not Stand For An MMA Bisexual Reality Show Using His Fake Last Name

By | 8 Comments

Hulk Hogan is furious that his nephew "King David" is using the Hogan name for a bisexual reality show.

#Ray Rice

The NFL Never Saw The Brutal Ray Rice Elevator Video Because They Avoided It Like The Plague

By | 25 Comments

A new report says the NFL knew about the Ray Rice elevator video but willfully avoided watching it.


A Man Busted For Meth Tricked The Police (And TMZ) Into Thinking He Was Scott Weiland

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A hilariously dumb mistake by the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Office led to TMZ reporting that singer Scott Weiland was in jail for meth.


Have iPhone 6 Photos Leaked? TMZ Thinks So.


TMZ thinks it has the iPhone 6. It does not have the iPhone 6. And now we all point and laugh!

#Joan Rivers

Holy Sh*t: Joan Rivers Went On A Rant About How Palestinians Deserve To Be Dead

By | 14 Comments

We don't know why people are still paying attention to what an 81-year-old lady thinks, but everyone is upset with Joan Rivers again.


Steve Guttenberg And His Bros Don’t Believe That ‘Ghostbusters 2′ Was Ever Made

By | 10 Comments

It's hard to tell if he's joking or not, but Steve Guttenberg really seems to think that 'Ghostbusters 2' never happened.


Breaking News: Mae Young Farted On Bubba Ray Dudley When He Powerbombed Her Off The Stage

By | 8 Comments

In quite possibly the least important instance of sports reporting ever, TMZ revealed that Mae Young once farted on the Dudley Boyz.

#tracy morgan

Louis C.K. Leads The Charge Asking TMZ To Take Down The Tracy Morgan Crash Video

By | 80 Comments

Louis C.K. supports Ardie Fuqua's daughter's request for TMZ to take down the brutal video of her father and Tracy Morgan in a car crash.

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