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Impact Wrestling Is Viewable In Canada Again, Eh?

By | 4 Comments

Impact Wrestling finally remembered to Destinate Canada, too.

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That Cheerleader Will Ferrell Knocked Out Is The TNA Knockouts Champion, Because Cheerleading Is A Work

By | 23 Comments

Will Farrell nailed the Knockouts Champ in the face with a basketball. If he hits Gail Kim with a football, is he the #1 Contender?


Jim Ross Is Twitter Beefing With TNA’s Announce Team Over UFC And The NFL

By | 17 Comments

Jim Ross and Josh Mathews have started a wrestling announcer Twitter war over who "won" between UFC and pro football. GOOD GOD ALMIGHTY.


In Case You Missed It, Jeff Hardy Fell Off A Damn Cage This Weekend

By | 34 Comments

Jeff Hardy fell off a cage at Sunday's TNA taping, and it's bad news until you look a little closer.

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Dixie Carter Thinks Vince McMahon’s Views Are Incomprehensible, Because It Takes One To Know One

By | 20 Comments

Dixie Carter tried to promote the move to Destination America by proving she might not actually know what happens on her own show.


Kurt Angle Has A New Wrestling Contract With The Only Company That Will Take Him

By | 13 Comments

Kurt Angle made his signing with Impact Wrestling official, so there goes our last hope that it was all a swerve to get him in the Rumble.


Jeff Jarrett Says It’s Your Fault If AJ Styles Breaks Your Neck With The Styles Clash

By | 25 Comments

Jeff Jarrett thinks it's "ridiculous" to take away AJ Styles' Styles Clash, and that the string of broken necks aren't his fault.

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Impact Wrestling Debuted A New Logo, And Yes, It’s As Bad As You Think It Is

By | 40 Comments

Impact Wrestling revealed their new logo for their new home on Destination America, and my god it is awful.


Dark Match Dungeon: AJ Styles, Before He Was Phenomenal

By | 16 Comments

In this week's Dungeon, we take an early look at AJ Styles, the TNA and NJPW standout. He'll be wrestling a hairstylist.


One Former WWE Wrestler Thinks CM Punk Going To UFC Is Totally Fake

By | 21 Comments

A former WWE wrestler thinks CM Punk's UFC career is phony, and a work orchestrated between Punk, UFC and WWE.


Kurt Angle Announced Where He’ll Be Wrestling In 2015 And The Answer Will Shock You

By | 29 Comments

After a year of teasing a return to WWE, Kurt Angle made an announcement about where he'll be wrestling in 2015. It's true.

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Bully Ray Is Trying To Get Back Into WWE Via Hypothetical Twitter Beefs

By | 34 Comments

Bully Ray, aka Bubba Ray Dudley of The Dudley Boyz, wants his WWE job back. How will he get it? Twitter feuds with Paul Heyman.


Dark Match Dungeon: Dean Ambrose In TNA

By | 9 Comments

On this week's edition of Dark Match Dungeon, we watch WWE's lunatic fringe get a look from TNA.


The Best And Worst Of Impact Wrestling 11/12/14 and 11/19/14: Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

By | 10 Comments

Two weeks of Impact jammed into one! Is it too much Impact for one person to handle? ...almost!


British Boot Camp 2, Episode 4 Recap: Anyways, Here’s Wonderwall

By | 8 Comments

Matches! This week has real wrestling matches! And one of them includes Grado!

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TNA Impact Finally Announced Their New Network Television Deal

By | 25 Comments

Impact Wrestling finally has a new home. Will this be a real TNA TURNING POINT for the company?

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Ethan Carter III Has Been Sidelined By Injury, And Sadly It’s Not Just A Bruised Ego

By | 11 Comments

Uh oh! Looks like Ethan Carter III's bicep is in trouble trouble trouble trouble trouble trouble trouble.

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Here’s Dixie Carter’s Long-Winded Rant On The Future Of TNA Wrestling And Their Upcoming TV Deal

By | 9 Comments

TNA President Dixie Carter silenced haters on Wednesday with a tweet about the future of her company and its TV deal. Well, sort of.

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The Best And Worst Of Impact Wrestling 10/29/14 and 11/5/14: I Can’t Believe I Ate The Whole Thing

By | 27 Comments

This week we double up on reports. Is four hours of Impact Wrestling too much for one human? Yes. Yes it is.

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