This Teen Found Tweeting From The Toilet Beneficial When He Ran Out Of Paper During A Train Ride

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This teen thought it'd be fun to Tweet about the lack of toilet paper in his train's bathroom, but turns out Virgin Trains was reading too.


Stacy Keibler Is Doing Spokesperson Work For Charmin, Because Her Entire Life Revolves Around Her Butt

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Former WWE Diva Stacy Keibler helped open a bunch of Charmin-themed restrooms at yesterday's Ravens/Broncos game in Denver, because her career is "ass."


This Is An Extremely Evil, Brilliant Toilet Paper Prank

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Here is a seven-step guide to completing a treacherous toilet paper prank.


Gallery: Auburn Fans Rolled The Oaks At Toomer’s Corner One Last Time

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Last week, we discussed Giancarlo Guida, the Auburn grad and former Tigers rugby player who had a massive tattoo of Toomer’s Corner inked on his back, as that was one diehard fan’s way of saying goodbye to those iconic oak trees that were so heinously murdered by Alabama fan Harvey Updyke, Jr.

#LeBron James

O Man, That’s Clever

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