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“Suck For Luck” NFL Power Rankings: Week 2

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There’s simply too much going on after two weeks of NFL action to limit my thoughts to just a few things, especially since I watch every single game with the focus of a drunken toddler.


The Miami Dolphins Know Who Screwed Up

By | 15 Comments

The Miami Dolphins were supposed to start the season with a Top 10 defense.

Ben Roethlisberger

Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Mark Sanchez

By | 2 Comments

New York Jets coach Rex Ryan thinks that this year’s team is the one that’s going to win it all.


Alex Smith Is Awful And Other Random Thoughts From The NFL This Weekend

By | 14 Comments

There’s not a thing to be learned by watching a preseason NFL game.


Burnsy's Bad Advice: Ranking Your Fantasy Football Quarterbacks

By | 13 Comments

With the NFL Lockout behind us like an angry Aryan inmate, most of us have begun our annual preparations for our fantasy football drafts.


Morning Links: Steve Carlton is Getting Too Old For This Sh**

By | 2 Comments

Today I start trying to convince you to read about baseball cards.


Morning Links: Thome Time

By | 4 Comments

Three really cool things about this year's AL Central: 1.


Tom Brady Was Asking For A Meme

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It's incredibly hard to make fun of Tom Brady.


Tim Tebow Lords Over All He Surveys (But Not That Kind of Lord)

By | 3 Comments

Forbes has released their annual <a href="">Top 10 Most Influential Athletes list</a>, and for the second year in a row, happy-to-not-be-aborted NFL quarterback Tim Tebow has ranked in the top ten.


Morning Links: Now Starting for the New England Patriots, Panama Jack

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(Note: This is the closest I will ever come to writing about horse racing, at least until the next time somebody guns down a horse on the track and I have to type WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE WHY DO YOU ENJOY THIS.


This Week In Review: Let Us Take You On A Warm And Fuzzy Internet Journey


I have only one rule for this week's review - no Charlie Sheen.

New England Patriots

Tom Brady Just F*cking With Us Now

By | 12 Comments

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is really enjoying his vacation, because he still hasn't found time to get to the barber.


Tom Brady Is Into Oral…B

By | 3 Comments

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and noted supermodel Gisele Bundchen were in Brazil this weekend, and I'm guessing that either Brady is sporting the kit of some local team or that Oral A involved something with another dude.


Brees, Peyton Might Sue The NFL

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The NFL and its players agreed to extend their collective bargaining agreement by 24 hours yesterday, making midnight tonight the new zero hour for the football apocalypse.

Ben Roethlisberger

Big Ben Is Super Bowl’s Most Hated

By | 5 Comments

The other day, as I was doing pushups at the request of Blake Lively, I was informed of the existence of something called The Hollywood Reporter and a recent survey it conducted regarding Super Bowl XLV.

baltimore ravens

Do NFL Opponents Need To Tone Down The Rhetoric?

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Most of you have already caught Jets coach Rex Ryan picking a war of words with Patriots coach Bill Belichick, who mumbled away from the bait, and then there was Antonio Cromartie <a href="">calling Tom Brady an @sshole</a>.


Tom Brady Is That Guy With The Cell Phone In The Theatre

By | 8 Comments

If you needed another reason to hate Tom Brady, we're happy to accommodate.


Jimmy Fallon Did The Pro Bowl Shuffle

By | 6 Comments

Last week, Jimmy Fallon paid tribute to the NFL’s most worthless event with a musical number called the <a href="">Pro Bowl Shuffle</a>.


David Beckham Goes Tom Brady

By | 3 Comments

David Beckham is sporting a new hairstyle, and of course we wouldn't be talking about it here if it didn't look like ass.

New England Patriots

Tom Brady Sees No Problem Here

By | 7 Comments

Forget about how Tom Brady can't cut his hair or bring himself to have sex with average-looking women ever for just a second.

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