Tom Gould

David Dallas – “Runnin” Video


Don't be surprised if David Dallas' video for "Runnin" inspires you to get off your butt and hit the pavement, or at least start clapping along.

Tom Gould

David Dallas – “Ever Get The Feeling” Video


"Ever Get The Feeling" that you're in the middle of a Planet Earth episode.

Tom Gould

David Dallas – “Pay Off” Video


As the most recognizable face of New Zealand rap, David Dallas dropped onto my radar the day that he decided to include an adorable kitten in his music video.

Tom Gould

David Dallas Feat. Buckshot – “Ain’t Coming Down” Video

It's always a great feeling when you're welcomed with open arms into your new environment.

Well Done

Action Bronson & Statik Selektah – “Not Enough Words” Video


With Well Done’s release date peeking over the horizon, Action Bronson and Statik Selektah let loose the video for “Not Enough Words.” It’s my favorite joint that’s leaked off the album so far - not just because Bronson’s ridiculous with the pen, because he is, but because there’s a little of the man behind the words in this track.

Tom Gould

David Dallas – “Start Lookin Round” Video


To commemorate the arrival of international Hip-Hop product to North American shores, directors Tom Gould and Alexander Richter give David Dallas' New Zealand sense of vision a New Yorker's varnish for the "Start Lookin' Round" video.

Tom Gould

Action Bronson – “Brunch” Video


Action Bronson’s version of “Brunch” doesn’t involve eggs and orange juice.

Tom Gould

David Dallas – “Life Is…” Video


After already stating how much I love David on "Life Is...," I think I like the video for the track even more and credit's due to Duck Down.

Tom Gould

Action Bronson – “Barry Horowitz” Video


Hip-Hop and wrestling have had a unique, varied relationship in the past, from Curt Hennig's oh-so-eloquent "Rap Is Crap" - a reaction to Master P's presence in WCW, a partnership best forgotten by the world - to Three 6 Mafia creating a new theme song for Mark Henry a few years back, to the mental pastures of our own David D.

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