The Best Of #Entertainment 720


Tom Haverford and Jean Ralphio's swagtastic business venture is easily my favorite sitcom subplot going right now.


Texts From Pawnee, Where ‘Parks And Recreation’ Hilariously Meets Texts From Last Night

A few days ago we brought you this hilarious gallery of Community stills with hilarious Texts From Last Night entries laid over them culled from Tumblrs devoted entirely to doing just that.


‘Parks & Rec’ Season 3 Gag Reel Will Make You Fall In Love With ‘Parks & Rec’ All Over Again

These two newly uploaded NSFW audio Parks & Recreation Season 3 gag reel videos (Part I above, Part II after the jump) are over ten minutes apiece so my original plan was to list out all the must watch scenes so everyone could efficiently scan through them, but of course every GD curse-filled second is f'n fantastic and I found myself transcribing it word for word.


The Best Of #Tom Haverford


Aziz Ansari makes his debut as a feature film headliner with 30 Minutes or Less this week and since I'd like to see my favorite renamer of foods and responder to racism headline more films going forward I dove head first into the awesomeness that is #Tom Haverford as a show of support.


Someone At The Trader Joe’s In Centreville, Va Really Likes Parks And Recreation

Earlier today I started typing a post about the below Ron Swanson Trader Joe's bacon special that's been everywhere today thanks to Eater, but I got sidetracked when a foxy UPS lady dropped off a package and proceeded to ask questions about my hard drive.


5 Dogs That Look Like Tom Haverford

I'm not nearly as pet humor obsessed as the rest of the world wide web, but yesterday Aziz Ansari congratulated the internet on "Dogs That Look Like Tom Haverford" so I was obliged to check it out.

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