The A To Z Guide To The Celebrity Voices Selling Us Every Product On Earth

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You may not always recognize them, but plenty of our favorite celebrities' voices are pushing products from cars to insurance.


A Very Unagi And Scientific Ranking Of The Worst Male Characters On ‘Friends’

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We used a very serious and legitimate scientific method to rank the worst male characters from the beloved NBC series 'Friends.'


Tom Selleck Finally Sets The Record Straight Over ‘Indiana Jones’ On ‘The Late Show’

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The truth finally comes out in regards to Tom Selleck's opportunity to play Indiana Jones and who really turned the role down!


It’s Tom Selleck’s 69th Birthday, So Here’s A Definitive Ranking Of His Mustaches

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To honor the great American actor Tom Selleck on his 69th birthday, here is a ranking of his mustaches throughout his TV and movie career.


Warming Glow’s Guide to Celebrity Impersonators You Can Hire on the Internet

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That jovial, rednecked fellow you see above is not Larry the Cable Guy; it's an impersonator who "not only looks like Larry the Cable Guy, he has captured the entertainer's voice and mannerisms, as well.


‘Tom Selleck’s Mustache’ Is The Supercut To End All Supercuts


Every time I watch a new viral film or television supercut I find myself wondering when the supercut idea well will start drying up.


“Archer’s” Awesome “Magnum P.I.” Reference

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At the end of last night's episode of "Archer" (S2E9, "Placebo Effect"), Cyril suggests that Archer's personal revenge film Terms of Enrampagement be instead titled "Magnum P.



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In honor of Nicole Kidman and Joaquin Phoenix's recent announcements that they'd be retiring from acting, NY Mag has put together a little compilation of "retiring actor" quotes.

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