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Who Said It: Tom Waits Or Rust Cohle?

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Rust Cohle from "True Detective" sounds a lot like Tom Waits. Tom Waits sounds a lot like Rust Cohle from "True Detective." It's impeccable.

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Tom Waits Was The Rolling Stones Secret Guest For Their Concert Last Night

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During their show last night in Oakland, the Rolling Stones brought out secret guest, Tom Waits.


Cookie Monster As Tom Waits Singing ‘Hell Broke Luce’? Yes Please.

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Two years ago we basked in the glory of Cookie Monster synced with Tom Waits' "God’s Away On Business". Now CookieWaits returns with "Hell Broke Luce".

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Seven Psychopaths has a trailer, Christopher Walken in an ascot

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I've been so excited for <a href="" target="_blank">Martin McDonagh</a>'s Seven Psychopaths for so long that when ran into Sam Rockwell at a coffee shop a few months back, it was the first thing I asked him about (*crosses 'gratuitous name drop' off to-do list*).

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All Hell Breaks ‘Luce’ In Tom Waits’s New Apocalyptic Music Video. Also, Shark Submarines.


In the past week, Tom Waits released <a href="">three teasers</a> for a mysterious announcement that he was going to reveal on August 7th.


Tom Waits is the Joker or something

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This video has been tearing its way around the internet all weekend, a 1979 Australian TV interview with Tom Waits that seems to be Heath Ledger's inspiration for the Joker in The Dark Knight.


Heath Ledger’s Inspiration For The Joker Was Probably Tom Waits

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Heath Ledger’s inspiration for The Joker may have been Tom Waits, as evidenced by this eerie 1979 interview with Waits on an Australian talk show.

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Tom Waits Did His Tom Waits Thing On 'Letterman' Last Night

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Tom Waits was on "Letterman" last night. And yes, he brought the rocks in his throat.


What's On Tonight: Follow Up Tom Waits On 'Letterman' With Frank Ocean On 'Fallon'

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Bizarre Foods America, Tom Waits on Letterman, and the rest of what's on TV tonight.


Mega Boners: First look at Martin McDonagh’s Seven Psychopaths

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I've had a boner for Seven Psychopaths ever since <a href="" target="_blank">it was announced</a>, and now we've got the first pictures (courtesy of EntertainmentWeekly, obvi).


Humpday Mashup Dump


Good afternoon you princes of Maine, you kings of New England, you stalkers of mashup and parody videos I didn’t get a chance to cover, thrown in your face like you’re Jodie Foster working for the FBI.


Here Is Cookie Monster Singing Tom Waits’ ‘God’s Away On Business’


Appropriately named YouTube user "CookieWaits" noticed that <a href="">Tom Waits' "God's Away On Business"</a> sounds a lot like it was sung by whoever does the voice for Cookie Monster on Sesame Street.

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Val Kilmer's ponytail plays Stephenie Meyer in Francis Coppola's 'Twixt'

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This is the trailer for Twixt, from Francis Ford Coppola, the famous wine magnate who many forget once directed films.

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