The ‘Tomb Raider’ Reboot Is Coming Together Quickly

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'Tomb Raider' is coming back to screens, and with more speed than you might expect.

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Here Are The 20 Essential PSOne Classics To Play In Honor Of Playstation’s 20th Birthday

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Here's 20 PSOne Classics you can grab cheap and easy on your Vita of PS3 to celebrate the Playstations 20th b-day.

Rise of the Tomb Raider

‘Rise Of The Tomb Raider’ Is Officially An Xbox One Exclusive

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Want to play Lara Croft's next adventure? The Xbox One's your only option.

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5 Reasons Female Video Game Characters Are The Best Video Game Characters

By | 44 Comments

Why are fans so disappointed when games exclude female characters? Because female characters are the best, that's why.

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15 Fascinating Facts You May Not Know About ‘Tomb Raider’

By | 12 Comments

In honor of Rise of the Tomb Raider being announced, here's some facts about Lara Croft's first adventure.

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6 Last-Generation Gaming Innovations That Need To Die This Generation

By | 40 Comments

The last generation of gaming brought some new ideas, but maybe some of those ideas shouldn't live on...

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10 Games That Will Make You Buy A Playstation 4 Or Xbox One In 2014

By | 25 Comments

Haven't invested in a PS4 or Xbox One yet? Well, here's 10 reasons you might want to take the plunge in 2014...

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The 2013 Version Of Lara Croft Gets Her Own Epic, Violent Fan Film

By | 3 Comments

The 2013 version of Lara Croft gets the blood-soaked film she deserves...


VGX Trailer Roundup: ‘Thief’, ‘Titanfall’, ‘Witcher 3′, ‘Tomb Raider’ And Lots Of Awkwardness

By | 11 Comments

The VGX Awards may have been awkward, but it did deliver cool new trailers for 'Tomb Raider', 'Thief', 'No Man's Sky' and more...


‘Tomb Raider’ Is Getting A Sequel, In Both Comic And Game Form

By | 13 Comments

'Tomb Raider' may have "only" sold nearly four million copies, but apparently Square Enix will give it another shot.

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Celebrating 20 Years Of Awful Video Game Movies

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This week marks 20 years since the very first video game movie adaptation was released in theaters.

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Square Enix’s Definition Of ‘Weak’ Is A Bit… Off

By | 39 Comments

Yeah, if your games move nearly four million copies and you still lose money, maybe it's not the games that are the problem, Square Enix.


'Sim City' And 'Tomb Raider': What Say The Critics?

By | 24 Comments

'Tomb Raider' and 'SimCity' kick off a busy, busy March in gaming.


Conan O'Brien Pervs Out On Lara Croft While Playing 'Tomb Raider'

By | 10 Comments

Conan O’Brien reviewed the newest Lara Croft game, 'Tomb Raider', for a "Clueless Gamer" segment on Conan. It gets weird.

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New ‘Tomb Raider’ Video Delivers Fresh Footage While Dodging Controversy

By | 8 Comments

Lara Croft is independent and resourceful as all hell in this new video...

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