Adam Sandler Reflects On His And Chris Farley’s Firing From ‘SNL': ‘It Hurt A Lot’

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Sandler also reminisces about his best friend, Chris Farley. "I miss him."


For His 72nd Birthday, A Look Back At Roger Ebert’s Best Bad Movie Reviews

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Roger Ebert may be gone, but his reviews of terrible movies will remain with us for the rest of time.


Here’s The Amazing ‘Tommy Boy’ Easter Egg Joke That Has Taken Almost 20 Years For Anyone To Notice

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Almost twenty years later the internet picked up on a secret joke inside Tommy Boy. And we're all the better for it.

#game of thrones

Aled Lewis Turns Iconic Movie And TV Punches Into Cool 16-Bit Brawler Art

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All your favorite TV and movie punches turned into rad Final Fight-esque pixel art...


Watch: The Gag Reel from Tommy Boy

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I just caught this Tommy Boy gag reel over on BroBible, and apparently it's been online since October, but regardless it seemed like a fun way to waste four minutes on an already-unproductive Monday.


VIDEO: ‘Dead’ deer wakes up in car, runs from cops in real-life Tommy Boy scene

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When you've seen Tommy Boy in excess of 50 times like I have, you can remember and quote every scene.


VA – Black Label Hip-Hop 101

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The other day, the convo drifted into this compilation release from Tommy Boy's defunct Black Label.

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