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Here’s The ‘Broad City’ Edition Of ‘Truth Or Truth’ With Jimmy Fallon

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The host of 'The Tonight Show' is no match for Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer's tag-team of honesty.

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Watch Bill Gates Trick Jimmy Fallon Into Drinking A Glass Of Poop Water

By | 6 Comments

After video of Gates drinking a glass went viral (as opposed to bacterial) earlier this month, he brought a sample for Fallon to try.


Who Supported Jay Leno When He Took ‘The Tonight Show’ Back From Conan O’Brien?

By | 41 Comments

Just about everyone voiced their support for "Team Conan," but who stood with Jay throughout the 2010 'Tonight Show' ordeal?


John Mulaney Tells Jimmy Fallon About Ice-T And The Best Heckler Ever

By | 9 Comments

Let John Mulaney teach you how the town of Murfreesboro got its name, which heckles hurt the most, and what it's like to work with Ice-T.

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Ben Affleck’s Kids Don’t Care That He’s Batman

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Ben Affleck went on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon and talked about his kids' apathy towards his role as the Caped Crusader.

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Please Allow Liev Schreiber To Teach You How To Romance A Giraffe At The Zoo

By | 2 Comments

Want to hear Liev Schreiber tell Jimmy Fallon about his romantic zoo trip and more? Of course you do.

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Shailene Woodley Insults 'Twilight', Gives Jimmy Fallon A Strange Gift

By | 11 Comments

Shailene Woodley said what we're all thinking about 'Twilight' in one interview and gave Jimmy Fallon a suggestive gift in another.

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Report: NBC Is Strong-Arming ‘Tonight Show’ Guests Into Not Appearing On Other Talk Shows

By | 30 Comments

"Awful nice 'Tonight Show' appearance you got here. Be a shame if something ... happened to it."


Everyone From Oprah To Kim Kardashian Bid Farewell To Jay Leno In This Musical Number

By | 4 Comments

The most Leno-esque group of famous people sang a song for Jay Leno.

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Miley Cyrus Gave Justin Bieber Surprisingly Good Advice On ‘The Tonight Show’

By | 14 Comments

Miley Cyrus actually gave some good advice to Justin Bieber on last night's The Tonight Show.

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The ‘Full House’ Guys Reunited To Help Jimmy Fallon Overcome His Fears Of Leaving ‘Late Night’

By | 13 Comments

Danny Tanner, Uncle Joey and Uncle Jesse come to the aid of Jimmy Fallon in this hilarious clip that reunites the guys from 'Full House.'

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Jimmy Fallon Is Making A Fool Of Himself In This ‘Staying Alive’ Promo For ‘The Tonight Show’

By | 3 Comments

Jimmy Fallon and the crew at 'Late Night' channel 'Saturday Night Fever' in this new promo for 'The Tonight Show.'

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Travel Back In Time And Check Out Quentin Tarantino’s First Appearance On ‘The Tonight Show’

By | 4 Comments

Time warp back to the early 90s, where smooth jazz ruled and Quentin Tarantino made his first appearance on 'Leno'

Wonder Woman

Jaimie Alexander Wants To Play Wonder Woman

By | 38 Comments

On last night's Tonight Show, Jaimie Alexander admitted the obvious to Jay Leno, that she'd play Wonder Woman if offered the role.


Feel Awkward Watching Bill Cosby Shamble His Way Onto ‘The Tonight Show’

By | 8 Comments

Bill Cosby made me feel awkward during his visit to 'The Tonight Show' to promote his stand up special.


Liam Hemsworth To Leno: Jennifer Lawrence Likes To Talk About Kangaroo Sex


Liam Hemsworth drops by "The Tonight Show" to discuss "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire" and co-star Jennifer Lawrence's penchant for talking about sex..

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