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Who Is The Diabolical Villain Behind These New Hoverboard Videos From HUVr?

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A company named HUVr claims to be bringing us the hoverboard technology in 2014, but there's no way this is real.

Tony Hawk

73 Sports Movies In 73 Days: ‘Gleaming The Cube’

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I considered two 1980s skateboarding movies when I was originally putting together my list of <a href="" target="_blank">73 Sports Movies in 73</a>, and it was very difficult to decide between the 1986 love story, Thrashin’, and the 1989 suspense, Gleaming the Cube.


16-Year-Old Lands Historic 1080


16-year-old Mitchie Brusco makes history by landing the first 1080 (by anyone at any age) in X Games MegaRamp history.


Louis C.K. Gives One Of His More Interesting Interviews Ever To… Tony Hawk?

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Thirty seconds in I was convinced Tony was going full "Chris Farley Show".


7.17 The Cooler

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Kara Allison Microsoft, NBC Breakup Complete <a href="">[Newser]</a> The 10 Most Ripped-Off Viral Ads Of All Time <a href="">[SVI]</a> Kim Kardashian Flaunts Her Curves <a href="">[NYDN]</a> Debunking The Myth Of Jeremy Lin’s Offer Sheet <a href="">[Dime]</a> Coolio’s Son Facing Three Years In Prison <a href="">[The Urban Daily]</a> Ne-Yo Says He Likes Vagina.


The Daily Show Enlists Harold & Kumar, Cee-Lo Green, Tony Hawk, Questlove, Adam Levine & Others To ‘Save The Mail’


As you may have heard, <a href="">the U.S. Postal Service is going broke</a>.

Tony Hawk

Tony Hawk Ride Controller Put to Good Use


Tony Hawk: Ride may have only scored a "skateboard.

viral marketing


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Normally, fake viral videos are sucky and hamfisted, and give me that same groany feeling I get when my mom talks about Farmville.

Tony Hawk

6.23 The Cooler

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Tit-tillating Tuesdays With Brenda Lynn Obama Signs Tobacco Bill Into Law [BBC] Tony Hawk Skateboards In The White House [Don Chavez] How Livestrong Uses Social Media for Good [Mashable] Fan Brawl at Yankees vs Marlins [Yardbarker] Strip Club Sues 14 Year-Old Kidnapped Stripper [BoH] Cuban, ESPN [...].


“Risque Business”

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I know I wasn't the only one who saw this commercial last night during the games.

#video games


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I saw this commercial for the new Guitar Hero for the first time yesterday, and I was completely unprepared for what happened.

Tony Hawk


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Donald Trump is rounding up famous people for the first installment of "Celebrity Apprentice," and like most "celebrity" reality shows it will feature people whose careers are already in the shitter or moving quickly in that direction.

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