You’re So Cool: Looking Back On ‘True Romance’ 20 Years Later

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Why do people still care about 'True Romance,' 20 years later? I attempt to explain...


There’s Going To Be A ‘True Romance’ Festival In Burbank This Year

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Fans of the Tony Scott classic 'True Romance' will celebrate the film's 20th anniversary at a two-day festival in Burbank in May.


Top Gun 2 is kaput, long live Top Gun 3D

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You may have forgotten about it by now, but as of this time last year, producers Jerry Bruckheimer, David Ellison, and Paramount were pretty hot and heavy on the idea of a sequel to Top Gun, centered around drone pilots in Nevada (ROBOT MURDER PLANES.


Tony Scott’s Toxicology: No cancer, just anti-depressants

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It would've been nice to know Tony Scott had inoperable brain cancer when he jumped off the San Pedro bridge - at least that would've been an explanation.


Tony Scott's suicide note didn't mention motive, according to report

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Okay, so I use the term "report" loosely, as it comes from TMZ, but they say Tony Scott's suicide note did NOT hint at any motive for his suicide.


Okay, maybe Tony Scott DIDN'T have brain cancer

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After director Tony Scott jumped off the Vincent Thomas Bridge in Long Beach on Sunday, a lot of us were like "Huh, maybe he had cancer or something," because it's nice when people who commit suicide have a reason.


The Best Of #True Romance

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Tony Scott's movies were at best brilliant and at worst watchable. If I had to pick my desert island Tony Scott movie it would without out a doubt be True Romance.


Remembering Tony Scott

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It's a bit shocking to get up in the morning and read that Tony Scott, director of cult classics like The Hunger, has killed himself.


R.I.P. Tony Scott (And The Morning Links)


On the late Tony Scott's TV career, and the rest of the Morning Links.


Breaking: Director Tony Scott dead of apparent suicide

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Tony Scott, English director of Top Gun, True Romance, Crimson Tide, and about a million other things, the younger brother of Ridley Scott, apparently committed suicide Sunday by jumping off the Vincent Thomas Bridge in Long Beach.


Tony Scott returns to unintentional satire with ‘Narco Sub’

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I had a chance to see Tony Scott's most recent movie, Unstoppable on cable a few weeks ago, and if you haven't seen it, allow me to summarize: there's a train, and its brakes are out.


Writers hired for Top Gun 2

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Yes, it seems Jerry Bruckheimer and David Ellison (brother of Megan, son of Oracle founder Larry) are serious about making Top Gun 2.

unnecessary sequels

Hollywood loves sequels, refuses to admit it

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(Tom Cruise 124 floors up on the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, filming stunts for Mission Impossible IV.


“There’s something on the tracks!” An Unstoppable Parody.

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Here at FilmDrunk, we're huge fans of the trailer for Tony Scott's Unstoppable.

val kilmer

Tony Scott climbs in Top Gun 2’s cock pit

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Top Gun director Tony Scott, fresh off The Taking of Pelham 123 and Unstoppable, has tentatively climbed aboard the veritable cock pit for Top Gun 2, presumably taking time off his busy schedule playing with toy trains and making explosion sounds.

unnecessary sequels

Tom Cruise may soon be riding your tail in Top Gun 2

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With 1000 douchey frat guys dressing like Maverick and Ice Man every Halloween for the past 10 years (many of them good friends of mine), it was only a matter of time before one of them would go to work for a studio and bring back Top Gun.


Shortlist to direct Superman includes Zack Snyder, the Moon guy

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WB and Legendary pictures have to get their Superman movie made by 2012, because in 2013, some of their rights revert back to the heirs of creator Jerry Siegel (and god forbid those worthless catamites get nickel of this).


Millar Gives Dubious Movie Updates


Mark Millar was on BBC Radio's Richard Bacon show yesterday talking a lot of bollocks about Kick Ass 2 and Nemesis.

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