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Bobby Brackins Enlists IAMSU! And Too $hort For Bay Area Remix To ‘Hot Box’

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Listen to Bobby Brackins' Bay Area Remix to "Hot Box" featuring IAMSU!, Too Short, & Mila J.

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Too Short – “19,999”

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Short Dog's screwed'em all.


'Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes' Is Too Little For Too Much

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'Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes' is a great game. Too bad it's overpriced for what you get.

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R. Kelly Ft. Nipsey Hussle and Too $hort – “My Story” (L.A. Remix)


Kellz’s verse is a shot of “I Wish” with a “12 Play” chaser, as he sings about his rags to riches tale while reminding you that he makes vaginas cry.


Lady GaGa Ft. T.I., Too Short + Twista – “Jewels N’ Drugs”

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I’m not that well versed in what a signature Lady Gaga song sounds like, but I know the cuts from ARTPOP have all grabbed my attention.

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The Primer: 10 Too $hort Songs Everyone Should Know

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Whether you’re scared away by his raunchy reputation or freely flaunt your love for the game-infused funk he’s kicked for decades, everyone knows Too $hort.

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Kid Cudi Ft. Too Short – “Girls”

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If Ryan's writeup of the Indicud tracklist the other day didn't send you scurrying in the other direction, go ahead and click play for "Girls.


“The Hip Hop Dance Experience” Features Too $hort’s Signature Song

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Despite being his only successful club song, Too $hort's "Blow The Whistle" would be categorized by younger generations as a new school classic.


Saturday Matinee – “Rhyme & Reason”

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Pop some popcorn or, like me, pour yourself a Craig-from-Friday sized bowl of sugary cereal, and watch the 1997 documentary Rhyme & Reason.

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50 Cent Feat. Too Short – “First Date”

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If first impressions are important, the first date for 50 and Too Short will tell them all they need to know about any woman they choose to deal with.

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The iPod Shuffle: Too $hort’s “Just Another Day”

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Anyone else think Too $hort was intentionally trying to trump Cube's theme from "Today Was A Good Day" with this track.

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7.13 The Cooler

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Brittany Dailey Frank Ocean's Manager Issues Apology To Target [The Urban Daily] The end of 'Joe Pa University' [CNN] Rihanna To Star in U.

#Justin Bieber

10 Rappers Justin Bieber Should Have On His Next Album

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Justin Bieber has worked hard to earn his rap pass.

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Too $hort & Snoop Dogg – “Freaky Tales” Video

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A few points about this joint video for Too $hort & Snoop Dogg's "Freaky Tales.

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Too $hort x The Hundreds Limited Edition T-Shirt

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To celebrate the release of No Trespassing - Too Short's unprecedented 19th studio album - the cool cats over at The Hundreds have partnered with the Oakland legend to release a limited edition tee.

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