Watch Jennifer Lawrence And David Letterman Attempt To Sing On ‘The Late Show’


Jennifer Lawrence is frightened of singing in front of a crowd, so David Letterman naturally tries to get her to sing.


Nike Stores Taking Down ‘Boston Massacre’ Shirts

By | 4 Comments

Late Show producer Eric Stangel tweeted a picture of a "Boston Massacre" t-shirt in a Nike Outlet store, and employees said they were removing them.


Of Course Someone’s Already Trying To Make A TV Movie About The Newtown Shootings

By | 10 Comments

Try to guess the Internet reaction to director Jonathan Bucari trying to make a TV movie about the tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut.


The Casey Anthony Trial As Told By Twitter Parody Accounts


If you’re unfamiliar with the 140-character world of Twitter, then you’re probably unaware that there are thousands of celebrity parody accounts currently providing cheap laughs for their followers.

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