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WWE’s Top 10 Matches Of The Year For 2014

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Here are our choices for the ten best matches of the year for WWE in 2014, from an Elimination Chamber gang war to the death of John Cena.


Here Are The Pope’s Top 10 Secrets To Happiness In Adorable Animal GIF Form

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Pope Francis recently shared his Top 10 Secrets to Happiness, but they needed something extra for the Internet audience.

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A Guy Edited In SportsCenter Top 10 Graphics Over His Nephew’s First Points And It Rules

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An uncle has achieved Best Uncle Ever status by editing in SportsCenter Top 10 graphics over his nephew's first basketball points.


David Stern Took A Break From Being The Devil To Do A Top 10 List For Letterman

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NBA commissioner David Stern stopped by Late Show With David Letterman to read the Top 10 Things He's Learned In His 30 Years As NBA Commissioner.


Jameis Winston May Have Shattered All Of Our Funny Bones Reading This Letterman Top 10

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Heisman trophy winner Jameis Winston went on Late Show with David Letterman to read a top 10 list about huddling.


Kim Kardashian And Søren Kierkegaard, Together At Last On Twitter

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Sometimes, when you gaze into the abyss of Twitter, the abyss gazes also into you.

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