The Foo Fighters Closed Out Their ‘Late Show’ Residency With A Top Ten List

The Foo Fighters had to do a Top 10 list to end their stay with David Letterman. It wouldn't be right otherwise.


Let’s Look Back At The Time Casey Kasem Helped With David Letterman’s Top Ten


'The Late Show' remembers the king of the countdowns with this classic top ten list appearance.

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Mitt Romney Charmingly Delivers Letterman’s Top Ten

Here's the thing with Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney: He is either charming and completely likeable, or utterly creepy and slimy.


The Top Ten Top Ten Lists of 2010

As we come to the end of the year, in fact the end of the decade, we find ourselves looking back on a truly joyous year of lists from our friends and family across the internet.