You Need To See This Unbelievable Catch By Toronto’s Kevin Pillar To Rob A Home Run

Here's one of the more spectacular catches you're ever going to see on an MLB field.

van down by the river

Remember The Millionaire Pitcher Who Lives In A Van? His Teammate Took His ‘Home’ For A Joyride


Daniel Norris had to deal with the horror of seeing another man behind the wheel of his beloved van/home/companion yesterday.

daniel norris

Daniel Norris, A Millionaire MLB Prospect, Lives In A Van Behind A Florida Walmart


Norris received a $2 million signing bonus from the Toronto Blue Jays, yet lives in a $10,000 Volkswagen van.


The Best Glove On The Baltimore Orioles Is The Ball Girl That Doesn’t Know The Rules


A Baltimore Orioles ball girl interrupted play yesterday when she snagged a fair ball, confusing play for several minutes. "My fault!"


Brett Lawrie Is Following Some Very Interesting Accounts On Twitter


Brett Lawrie's latest Twitter follows would lead us to believe that he's a man who likes a big, ol' behind.


With Leather’s Watch This: Celebrate Roy Halladay’s Career By Watching His Perfect Game


Roy Halladay signed a one-day contract with the Toronto Blue Jays and announced his retirement today, so watch the highlights of his 2010 perfect game.


Jon Bones Jones Threw Out The First Pitch Before A Blue Jays Game, Kicked A Bird In The Stomach

Jon Bones Jones helped promote the upcoming UFC 165 by throwing out the first pitch before a Blue Jays/Yankees game in Toronto. Also, he attacked the mascot


Alison Brie Is Responsible For All Of The Toronto Blue Jays’ Good Fortune


The Toronto Blue Jays have been languishing in last place in the American League East for, well, pretty much the entire season, as they’ve been the odd team out in a four-way race for the crown in baseball’s best division.


Munenori Kawasaki Sang ‘O Canada’ For Fans, Continues To Be The Happiest Guy In Baseball


Remember before the Major League Baseball season began, when the Miami Marlins were like, “Hey, Toronto Blue Jays, would you like all of these good players that we signed to trick the city into giving us a new stadium.


The Best Of Jose Bautista’s Reddit AMA


On paper (or perhaps pehper) the Toronto Blue Jays should be the team to beat in the American League East this season.


O Canada… Oh No No No No No, Canada


When it comes to the Canadian National Anthem, I know approximately two words and they’re both in the title.


I Can’t Wait Until Toronto Blue Jays X-2


If I'm making a list of things I love and have to constantly defend, "baseball" and "Final Fantasy games" are at the top of the list.


Blue Jays Go All-In for 2013, Land R.A. Dickey From Mets


Just a month after their blockbuster 12-player trade with the Miami Marlins, the Toronto Blue Jays have made another major offseason splash.


The Miami Marlins Fan Protest That Depressed The Entire Sports World


Remember earlier this year when a dozen or so Miami Dolphins fans showed up to Joe Robbie Pro Player Sun Life their stadium to protest the ongoing employment of general manager Jeff Ireland and everyone was like, “Awwwww, those poor fans think they can make Stephen Ross make good decisions”.


Hoo Boy, The Internet Really, Really Hates Miami Marlins Owner Jeffrey Loria


If you didn’t see enough of it last night as the news initially broke, you’re going to see plenty of columns, editorials and fiery rants today about how Miami Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria is a scumbag because he is willingly killing his second baseball franchise because he’s horrible at what he does.


Fire Sale: Miami Marlins Trade Away Premium Talent To Blue Jays


The newly-minted Miami Marlins made waves this time last year, using money that had barely reached their hands to splurge on baseball's free agent market to the tune of nearly $200 million.


This Week In Dumb Homophobes: Yunel Escobar's Gay Slur Face Paint


There's no point in getting all maudlin and preachy about this, but it should be shown to as many people as possible: Toronto Blue Jays shortstop Yunel Escobar showed up to Saturday's game against the Boston Red Sox with "you are a faggot" written on his eye-black in Spanish.


Worse Fashion Offense: Lance Moore's Postgame Gear Or Colby Rasmus' Corn Rows?


At some point after the New Orleans Saints evened their preseason record to 2-2 despite the fiery hell wishes of NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, Lance Moore made a decision.

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