Joakim Noah Continued His Season-Long Antics By Defending A Three-Pointer From The Bench

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The 2014-2015 NBA season is still fairly young, but for Chicago Bulls center Joakim Noah, it feels like he's already had a full season's worth of skirmishes, antics, and general tomfoolery's on the basketball court.


Sacramento Kings Ben McLemore Chews Up Two Raptors On His Way To A Poster

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Sacramento's Ben McLemore makes Amir Johnson pay for his fake hustle.


Canadian Tennis Star Genie Bouchard Went To A Raptors Game And Toronto’s Mascot Made It Super Creepy

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The wonderfully talented Eugenie Bouchard took in a Raptors game in Toronto.


The Raptors Gave Away Drake Lint Rollers To 1,200 Very Lucky Fans

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Playing off the 'news' story about Drake lint rolling his pants in his courtside seat, the Raptors gave away lint rollers last night.


It’s Completely Impossible To Make Fun Of Drake

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Lint-rolling is apparently popular in Canada these days.


Ten Bucks Says Drake Is Already Sitting On A Lint Roller Joke For The ESPYs


Drake was caught lint-rolling his pants during an NBA playoff game and that has somehow become a news story.


NBA Fast Break: Pacers And Raptors Rebound To Even Both Series, Wizards Take 2-0 Lead Over Bulls

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The East isn't as stacked as the West, but Nets/Raptors is well-worth your attention.

Toronto Sun

NBA Fines Raptors GM Big Bucks For “F*** Brooklyn!” Outburst

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Don't f*** with Brooklyn. Or the NBA's front office either.


NBA Fast Break: The Nets And Warriors Both Steal Game 1 On The Road

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Perhaps it's safe to say the Nets are...**puts on shades**...road Warriors.


The NBA Playoffs Begin Today And The City Of Toronto Has Drawn First Blood

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The Toronto Sun, Masai Ujiri and Drake all put on for their city today. And it backfired. Miserably.

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