‘Total Divas’ Episode Recap: The One Where We Try To Be Positive For Once

By | 15 Comments

In this week's mostly boring episode of 'Total Divas,' there were a few moments that we could really be positive about.


‘Total Divas’ Episode Recap: Brie Mode Isn’t A Myth, It’s Binge Drinking

By | 23 Comments

On this week's episode of 'Total Divas,' Brie Bella celebrates her binge drinking talents while her friend's dad battles addiction.


‘Total Divas’ Episode Recap: Daniel Bryan’s Pulling Out Of What Now?

By | 26 Comments

On this week's episode of 'Total Divas,' the Bella Twins argue about how Daniel Bryan pulls out during sex.

John Cena

Here’s John Cena Wearing Wrestling Gear For The First Time In A Decade And It Getting Him Laid

By | 33 Comments

Tired of John Cena wrestling in sneakers and shorts? Here he is in a singlet and boots for the first time in 10 years.


‘Total Divas’ Episode Recap: Rosa And Paige Sitting In A Tree, F-I-G-H-T-I-N-G

By | 15 Comments

Rosa Mendes continues to be a baffling and absurd representative of the WWE Divas division on this week's episode of 'Total Divas.'

#Best And Worst Of Raw

The Best And Worst Of WWE Raw 1/19/15: I’ve Been Looking So Long At These Pictures Of Sting

By | 184 Comments

The Best and Worst of WWE Raw for January 19, 2015, featuring the Raw debut of Sting and like 85 minutes of old people talking.


‘Total Divas’ Episode Recap: The Most Breast-Fueled Hour On Television

By | 30 Comments

This week's 'Total Divas' was basically an intertwining story about each woman's breasts.


‘Total Divas’ Episode Recap: Rosa Mendes And Her Magical Exposed Butt Cheek

By | 29 Comments

On this week's 'Total Divas,' the Bella Twins continued to bicker while Rosa Mendes reminded everyone she has fake breasts.


Cameron Is Here To Show You Her New Music Video And Make You Feel Sad And Stuff

By | 32 Comments

Cameron has a new single, and it's the opposite of whatever the bomb dot com is supposed to mean.


‘Total Divas’ Episode Recap: Paige Is The Breath Of Fresh Air This Show Needs

By | 35 Comments

On the latest episode of 'Total Divas,' Paige played a hell of a practical joke on Nattie, and we love her so much for it.


Being Married To Jimmy Uso Got Naomi Dumped From ‘Total Divas’ For Real

By | 40 Comments

Jimmy Uso is managing to hamper his wife's career in both fiction and real life.


You Can Now Support Your Favorite WWE Divas By Looking Exactly Like Them

By | 13 Comments

Want to look like your favorite WWE Diva? You can with these hats, so long as you only like four Divas.


C’est Magnifique! Maryse Might Just Be Returning To WWE TV.

By | 50 Comments

Watch out Total Divas, there might be some hair flipping heading your way.


No Survivors: The 15 Worst Teams In Survivor Series History

By | 60 Comments

With Spandex takes a look at the 15 worst teams in WWE Survivor Series history, from the Four Doinks to Team Rated RKO.

Survivor Series

AJ Lee Is Done With WWE Following Survivor Series, Say The Same Old Rumors

By | 54 Comments

According to a rumor we've honestly heard before, WWE Divas Champion AJ Lee could be done with the company following Survivor Series.


GURL WHY: Pro Wrestling Illustrated Has Named Cameron The 17th Best Female Wrestler In The World

By | 74 Comments

In a moment of temporary insanity, Pro Wrestling Illustrated released their Women's Top 50 and named Cameron the 17th best in the world.


‘Total Divas’ Episode Recap: We’re Running Out Of Weddings To Ruin, People

By | 25 Comments

On the mid-season finale of 'Total Divas,' Nattie finally found a way to make every aspect of the show all about her.

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