Here’s The Seahawks’ Michael Bennett With The Most Erotic Sack Dance Of All-Time

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Prepare yourself for the most R-rated sack dance of all-time courtesy of Michael Bennett.


Kate Upton Is Preparing For Super Bowl XLVIII By Dancing Like Victor Cruz

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Kate Upton hit the end zone at MetLife Stadium yesterday with Vogue to show off her celebratory dance moves for Super Bowl XLVIII.


The LFL Wants To Be Taken Seriously. Here’s One Of Its Teams Pantomiming Taking A Dump.

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The Chicago Bliss of the LFL celebrated a touchdown by pretending to take a dump on one another. It's even less sexy than it sounds.


Dancing With The Ditka…And A Clipboard

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This has already been posted over at <a href="">KSK</a>, but it's too surreal to not include here.


Here’s A Unique Touchdown Dance

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