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The Monty Python Gang Has Announced The Date For Its Very Last Live Show


While a world tour had been rumored, schedule conflicts have made it so that Monty Python's final live performance will be on July 20 in London.


Frank Ocean Cancels Tour, Probably Does Not Employ A Publicist

Say what you want about Frank Ocean -- the guy obviously writes his own press statements.

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Eddie Vedder Postpones U.S. Tour Due To Illness

If you were looking forward to catching Eddie Vedder perform on his solo tour in the coming weeks -- as I was looking forward to at Jazz Fest -- you're going to have to wait a little longer, if you're lucky, as nerve damage resulting from a back injury has forced the Pearl Jam frontman to postpone or cancel some dates.

tour cancellations

John Mayer Cancels U.S. Tour, Suspends Career 'Indefinitely' Due To 'Granuloma In His Throat'


John Mayer hasn't toured in a while due to lingering throat issues, and it looks like it may be even longer before he does: a press release I just received from the Jazz Fest press office says that he's having to cancel his upcoming U.

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