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Watch Jimmy Fallon’s ‘Tonight Show’ Debut Get Interrupted By A Parade Of Impressive Celebrity Cameos

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Jimmy Fallon gets surprise cameos from Robert De Niro, Tina Fey, Stephen Colbert, Mariah Carey, and everyone else.


Kate Upton Already Had Her Super Bowl Party. For FASHION.


In Vogue's attempt to promote the Super Bowl, Kate Upton danced with Tracy Morgan, stole Michael Strahan's ring and stiff-armed Jason Biggs. For FASHION.

late night with jimmy fallon

Tracy Morgan Helps ‘Late Night’ Celebrate Thanksgiving By Being Tracy Morgan

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Check out this amazing bit by Tracy Morgan on 'Late Night' to celebrate Thanksgiving before your family ruins it.

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Tracy Morgan Offered A Hysterical Defense Of Paula Deen Last Night On Kimmel

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Tracy Morgan on any talk show is appointment viewing. He did not disappoint on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night.


Tracy Morgan Admitted That He Used To Model Hairstyles For Barber Shops

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30 Rock star Tracy Morgan posted photos of his old hairstyle modeling for barber shop posters to his website today.

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True Facts of Truth with Tracy Morgan


Jimmy Fallon and Tracy Morgan reveal true facts about Presidents, carrots, elephants and other things.


Tracy Morgan and Jimmy Fallon: ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas


Jimmy and Tracy put their spin on the holiday classic.


Tracy Morgan Blames Mitt Romney For Hurricane Sandy

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Can Mitt Romney and the Republicans control the weather? Tracy Morgan thinks so!

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What’s On Tonight: ‘Pregnant with a Mutant,’ Which, Yes, Is Hosted by Tracy Morgan

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The best of what's on TV tonight, including new episodes of "Scare Tactics," "How I Met Your Mother," and "Revolution."


Sports On TV: 30 Rock's 20 Greatest Sports Moments

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In a few months, I’m going to sink into depression.


The 10 Most Bitter Behind-The-Scenes ‘SNL’ Feuds

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A list of the most bitter behind-the-scenes feuds at "SNL," including Norm vs. Chris Kattan, Chevy vs. Bill, and Lorne vs. Everyone.

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Tracy Morgan Talked Sharks And Knowing Mitt Romney In High School, Was His Usual Glorious Talk Show Self On Letterman

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Key words and phrases to be on the look out for: Butt dials, how Tracy spends his summer, school lunch, and Tracy Jr.


Tina Fey Is The Greatest Charades Player Of Our Time

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In his ongoing quest to engage in more fun and interactive games with likable celebrities than any other talk show ever, Jimmy Fallon invited the cast of 30 Rock on for a friendly game of charades last night.


Children Used As Napkins (And Tuesday Morning Links)

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Yes, that's Real Madrid goalkeeper Iker Casillas picking his nose and wiping it on a child's face.


Tracy Morgan Has a Thing for Time Machines and 'Planet of the Apes' – Morning Links


[via <a href="" target="_blank">UPROXX</a>] MORNING LINKS Probably the best Juggalo freestyle of all time |<a href="" target="blank">Film Drunk</a>| Seymore Butts answers everything you wanted to know about porn.


Tracy Morgan Explains Twitter


I tend to not look favorably upon the <a href="">Shorty Awards</a>, mainly due to the fact that they seem to bring out the worst in some people on Twitter -- namely the ones who pander relentlessly for nominations and votes.

Al Gore

Who Needs Celebrity Friends When You've Got Photoshop?

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A friend of mine used to throw a wild Christmas party every year with a selective guest list, which often left a lot of people pissed off and questioning their friendship.


TV News Roundup

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There are a few news items and updates floating around right now that don't really require a full post, so I'm going to knock them out here real quick-like.

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