What Happened To Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShipTwo? Here’s What We Know.

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In the wake of the tragic crash of SpaceShip Two, we break out what we know about the accident.


Urban Outfitters Have Been Tastefully Selling A Bloodied Kent State University Sweatshirt

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Urban Outfitters continues to lead the pack in distastefully trendy clothing.

transasia airways

51 Reported Dead In Taiwanese Plane Crash

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Unfortunate reports out of Taiwan confirm a TransAsia Airways flight has crashed, killing 51.


Moment Of Silence: The Connecticut School Shooting

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Image: Reuters We're going to refrain from updating for a bit in light of the tragedy that occurred at a Connecticut elementary school early Friday morning.


Is Adele’s Smoking And Drinking Killing Her Voice?

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Earlier this summer, 23 year-old golden voiced sensation Adele was forced to cancel her entire North American tour, reportedly due to a throat illness or some sort -- a lingering case of laryngitis according to her handlers.


Just A Moment.

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Pic Property Of Reuters I have two nieces and four nephews.

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