The Trailer For James Franco’s ‘Kink’ Documentary Is NSFW And Features Plenty Of Clamps, Whips & Chains

By | 19 Comments

James Franco is making a documentary about the contents of my Google search history.


The Teaser Trailer For ‘The Hateful Eight’ Hits The Internet Early

By | 27 Comments

The Hateful Eight teaser is attached to Sin City 2, but some angel taped it in the movie theater, for all of us to enjoy.


Antonio Banderas Leads The Robot Revolution In The First ‘Automata’ Trailer

By | 6 Comments

Antonio Banderas and robots galore star in 'Automata', which looks like October's best sci-fi movie.


The Rock’s ‘Hercules’ Has A New Trailer Full Of Screaming, Exposition And Total Heterosexuality

By | 24 Comments

Here's the second theatrical trailer for HERCULES starring The Rock, and it is so full of screaming and hetero love you will not believe it.


‘Intramural’ Is The Sports Movie For Guys Who Don’t Deserve One (And It Has A Trailer)


The first trailer for 'Intramural,' the sports movie for guys who don't deserve one, has dropped. Inside: jokes about not being able to feel your balls.


TAPPED OUT (Formerly Tapped) Has a Full-Length Trailer Featuring Superman Punches And Zero Tap-Outs


TAPPED OUT has a full-length trailer, featuring Anderson Silva doing jiu-jitsu! Neat!


Let's Predict How Each Of The Giant CGI Animal Fights Will Happen In The Rock's 'Hercules'

By | 17 Comments

The Rock stars in HERCULES, a movie about a guy who violently murders the worst CGI animals you've ever seen. We fantasy booked the bad CGI animal battles.


‘Stage Fright’ Pits A Slasher Against Theater Geeks

By | 5 Comments

'Stage Fright' finally gives theater kids the slasher movie they so richly deserve.

#Guardians of the Galaxy

Why I’m Worried About ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’

By | 78 Comments

'Guardians Of The Galaxy' finally debuted a trailer... and it's hinting Marvel might just have some trouble.


How ‘The Purge: Anarchy’ Could Go Really, Really Wrong

By | 7 Comments

'The Purge: Anarchy' has an obvious message... that might go way off the rails.


Watch The Red-Band Trailer For Seth McFarlane’s ‘A Million Ways To Die In The West’

By | 26 Comments

Seth MacFarlane's latest silver screen adventure finally has a trailer! And it looks solid.


The ‘Sly Cooper’ Movie Sneaks Out A Trailer

By | 4 Comments

Sly Cooper may not be on consoles for a while, but he's headed for the silver screen.


From The Director Of ‘Silent Hill’…’Beauty And The Beast’?

By | 7 Comments

Christophe Gans, the director of 'Silent Hill', is back with... 'Beauty And The Beast.' No, Pyramid Head is not "the Beast."


‘Hercules: The Legend Begins’ Has An… Interesting Trailer

By | 28 Comments

'Hercules: The Legend Begins' shows that cheese never expires in Hollywood.


The Avengers Trailer: Derp Edition


A brand new trailer for The Avengers, constructed entirely from blooper reel clips.


'47 Ronin' Gets A Headchoppingly Good New Trailer

By | 10 Comments

'47 Ronin' is looking better and better, especially with this new trailer.


The First ‘Need For Speed’ Trailer Is Totally Serious, You Guys

By | 7 Comments

'Need For Speed' has become a movie that has almost nothing to do with the games, if the trailer is any indication.


GammaSquad’s 2013 Fall Movie Preview

By | 20 Comments

2013 is wrapping up surprisingly light on genre movies... but there are some movies for nerds headed to theaters.


‘Antboy’ Looks Like The ’80s Superhero Movie That Never Was

By | 3 Comments

'Antboy' has a plot that sounds familiar and a vibe to it that'll make any fan of '80s movies smile.

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