The Dog Abandoned At A Scottish Train Station Found A New Home


Kai, the Shar-pei dog who was found abandoned at a Scottish train station, found a new home.

Red Line

Watch A Bunch Of Boston Commuters Breaking Windows On A Red Line Train To Escape An Alleged Fire


Investigators later determined there was no fire, but that didn't stop anyone from clawing their way out of the train (like any other day).


Banksy Furthers His Legend By Allegedly Giving A Helpful Kid This $30,000 Signed Art Piece

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Banksy allegedly gave a helpful kid on a train a signed piece worth $30k, further showing us his awesomeness.


ATTN: We Finally Have A Quarterback Lamer Than Tim Tebow

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What's worse than a quarterback who inspires a meme world record, is afraid to take pictures with women, can barely throw a football and responds to criticism about his NFL sadness with, "you are a great analyst, thanks for mentioning me".

#video games

Killing Nuns Is An Achievement In Red Dead Redemption (In Real Life, Not So Much)

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Ok, we're all familiar with video game fun being misinterpreted by the media.

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