Watch A Train Plow Right Through An 18-Wheeler That Stalled On A California Railroad

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An 18-wheeler stuck on the train tracks get snapped in half by an oncoming train.


It’s An Absolute Miracle That This Old Man Wasn’t Hit By A Train

By | 7 Comments

This video of a 77-year old Czech man narrowly (and cluelessly) escaping the path of a train is downright amazing.


The Train Selfie Kid Who Got Kicked In The Head Is Poised To Make A Bunch Of Money

By | 16 Comments

That kid who got kicked in the head by a train engineer in Peru is about to make a lot of money.


This Senator Quickly Finds Out Why You Don’t Hold A Press Conference On A Metro Platform

By | 10 Comments

Sen. Richard Blumenthal is counting his lucky stars after this close encounter with a speeding metro train.


The Teen Who Got Kicked In The Head While Taking A Train Selfie Swears It’s Not A Hoax

By | 3 Comments

Thanks to Jimmy Kimmel, everything is a hoax. This kid that got a kick to the dome tells us it wasn't.


A Teen Tried To Take A Selfie Right In Front Of A Passing Train. The Engineer Had Other Ideas.

By | 75 Comments

Jared Michael tried to take a selfie right next to a passing train. Then the driver stuck his boot out.


Man’s Dead Body Found Horrifyingly Plastered On The Front Of A High Speed French Train

By | 6 Comments

The body of a 48-year-old man was found splattered on the front driver's carriage of a French high-speed TGV train, which went undetected for a full 25 miles. Train washer = WORST JOB EVER.


About That Time John C. Reilly Robbed A Freight Train

By | 3 Comments

Trains, cereal, diabetes, Chicago. John C. Reilly is the best. No one denies this.


Train Conductor Apologizes 500 Times To Passengers For Unintentionally Lying About Train


A Train Conductor promised 500 passengers that their train wouldn't be late. It never showed up. So he wrote letters to all 500 to apologize. Aww, train guy!

epic houses

Anyone Who’s Had A Model Train Set Will Want To Buy This Oregon House After Watching Its Video Listing

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This would have been the perfect place for Bobby Bacala to retire to after he joined the Witness Protection Program. But we all know how that turned out! Oh well.


Mall Proposal Goes Terribly Wrong


An Indian man surprises his girlfriend of just three months by proposing in the middle of a crowded mall.


Police Officer Saves Suicidal Man in Colombia


A distraught man at a Medellin train station tries to jump in front of an oncoming train, but his attempt is thwarted at the very last moment by a fast-acting police officer.


Girl Nearly Dies Retrieving Phone From Subway Tracks


A young Brazilian girl jumps onto the tracks of the Corinthians-Itaquera subway station in the East Zone of São Paulo to pick up her cell phone, and narrowly avoids an oncoming train when a security guard comes to her rescue.


How To Get a Free Train Ride


Here's a creative -- albeit elaborate -- way to avoid paying for your train ticket.


Man Survives Oncoming Train


This seems like a dangerous way to pass an afternoon.

Close Call on Train Tracks


A man comes insanely close to getting drilled by a train.


Trains vs. Snow


Snow on the tracks.


Train Delivery Fail


A brand new locomotive gets dropped while being unloaded from a cargo ship.


Unconscious Man on Train Tracks Gets Mugged, Run Over


A Swedish man fell onto underground train tracks and lay there unconscious as a mugger robbed him and left him to get run over by an oncoming train.

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