Injured Transformers extra gets $18.5 million settlement

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I have to cover news, and sadly, not every story can be puppy dogs and ice cream and Zac Efron getting peed on.

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The Top 10 Highest-Grossing Films of Summer (So Far)

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The folks over at have compiled a list of this summer's ten highest-grossing movies, and.


Frotcast 55: Transformers, Twit Fic w/Lindy, UFC Skills w/Pauly

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The whole crew was back for this week's Frotcast, which included NOT ONE BUT TWO guests.


Review: Transformers Dark Side of the Moon

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I couldn't make my Monday night press screening for Transformers: Dark of the Moon, but knowing it would probably be the biggest movie of the summer, I went to see it on my own dime the first chance I got.


Here’s A Hilarious Breakdown Of Every Michael Bay Movie Plot, Ever


As you might have heard, based on the sound of loud explosions emanating from your local cineplex, it's Michael Bay Week in America, i.

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The Shocking Pillow Talk Of Megan Fox And Shia Labeouf Revealed!


As our pal Vince noted over at Film Drunk earlier, Hollywood movie star assembly line product Shia Labeouf claims in an interview with Aaron Gell for Details magazine that he has "hooked up" with human sex person Megan Fox at least once, despite her being in a longtime relationship of some sort with that guy who played David Silver on 90210.

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Megan Fox polished Shia LaBeouf’s Ferrari, says Shia LaBeouf

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Transformers 3 opens at midnight tonight, meaning it's time for media outlets to run all the stories they have on the castmembers.

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Shia Labeouf defends Michael Bay. Badly.

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Shia Labeouf famously admitted that Indiana Jones 4 kind of sucked, and immediately took a truckload of sh*t for it, because famous actors aren't allowed to acknowledge things that are blatantly obvious to anyone with eyes.


Michael Bay demands wingsuits, BASE jumping

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Although Michael Bay might be a total cheesedick when it comes to things like "dialog" and "storytelling," he practically has a Ph.

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Week In Review: Hail The Sperminator!


It’s been a tough week for the timeless tradition of marriage, what with the ultimate All-American couple of Maria Shriver and Arnold Schwarzenegger shocking the world - nay, the universe.


New Transformers clip: Josh Duhamel fires up Troop Wing Suit, Xtreme Sports Division

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There's a new clip from Transformers: Dark of the Moon out (opening July 1st), and it seems as if Michael Bay is finally giving the fans what we've long been clamoring for: MORE JOSH DUHAMEL.


Name that crotch! The Sexy Summer Movie Codpiece Quiz.

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Things have obviously been a little crazy around here this week, what with all of the Gloria Allreds of the Interwebs putting a bounty on Vince’s testicles.


Transformers 3 to feature NASCAR bot with a Robo-mullet

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Michael Bay has been going around telling anyone who will listen that the new Transformers is much better than the last one (I exaggerate very little here, I actually saw first hand him telling someone this, gesturing wildly like his South Park parody).


In Transformers 3, Megatron Is Yet Another Dang Thing

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Pics of the Transformers 3 Megatron toys that will soon be clogging up TRU clearance aisles have popped up online and it looks like Michael Bay has decided that Megatron has to change into something else again.


1st Trailer for Transformers 3 is All Moony

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The first trailer for Transformers: Dark of the Moon has hit the web, and it's huge news in the movie blogosphere.

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