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Tits And Cats, The Best Music Video Of The Year, Gets An English Translation

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In case you missed the music video of the year, here it is again, now with English translation.


Ninety Years Later, You'll Finally Get To Read J.R.R. Tolkien's Translation Of 'Beowulf'

By | 6 Comments

The pioneer of modern fantasy finally sees his translation of 'Beowulf' hit the shelves.


Please Give Me Coke & Your Morning Links

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Her pronouncing Coke "cock," really shouldn't be this funny, and yet it gets funnier every time.


FilmDrunk Investigates: What does “If it shortdicks every cannibal in the Congo” from Full Metal Jacket mean?

By | 28 Comments

I apologize in advance that this "isn't news," (*vigorous air quotes*) and it doesn't (*more quotes*) "involve movies that came out in the last 20 years," but I thought this was interesting enough to be worth posting.

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