This Doctor Plans To Transplant A Human Head. How Is That Possible? We Explain.

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An Italian neurosurgeon thinks he can pull off a head transplant in 2017... but can he, really? And should he?


A Cure For Type I Diabetes Is Just A Few Human Trials Away

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Type I diabetes is a serious medical problem affecting millions. And we are tantalizingly close to a cure.


Scientists Can Now Grow You A New Penis

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Yes, they are now working on growing a penis in a lab. Isn't the future amazing?


The First Baby Carried In A Transplanted Uterus Has Been Born

By | 6 Comments

A baby has been carried to term in a transplated uterus for the first time, and that raises new questions about fertility.

welcome to the future

Russians Just Transplated a Synthetic Larynx For the First Time

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Russia is usually the land of insane politicians and bears.


World’s First Double Leg Transplant?

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A man in his 20s who lost both legs in a traffic accident and was unable to walk with prosthetic limbs underwent the first double leg transplant last Sunday under the care of Pedro Cavadas and his team of about 50 staff members at the La Fe Hospital in Valencia, Spain.


Corneas Grown in Lab; Eyes in Petri Dishes Next


Some good news for a lot of people hit the street today; the first laboratory-grown corneas have successfully been transplanted into human patients.


Mad Science Becoming Awesome Reality

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There's always been a problem with being a mad scientist; namely, keeping organs in jars going long enough to create the proper atmosphere when you bring a woman in a white silk dress back to your lab to meet your half-monkey, half-pony monster which will RULE THE WORLD.


Scientists Create New Fake Skin For People, Creepy Nude Mice

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Spanish researchers have developed a new process for making artificial human skin using biomaterial, specifically human fibrin from donor plasma, which was then sewn onto the backs of some horribly creepy "nude mice.

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