Young Jeezy

Jeezy’s Trap Or Die 2 “The Movie”

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Even though I object to these preview clips & trailers, it's long enough to technically qualify as a video & Decatur Dan made it look masterfully entertaining as he's prone to do.

Young Jeezy

Should We Be Excited For Jeezy’s Trap Or Die 2?

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Somewhere along the line's of yesterday, Decatur Dan set loose this wonderfully shot footage of Don Cannon doing what I guess we'll call promo for Old Jeezy's (he's no longer Young) Trap Or Die 2 mixtape.

Young Jeezy

Young Jeezy Feat. Bigga Rankin – “The Takeover”

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The Atlanta Falcons may have not gone the distance this year, but this Super Bowl Weekend, DJ Drama & Young Jeezy are looking to place their own personal 2nd ring in their trophy case with Trap Or Die II.

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