Reggie Miller Trash-Talked Michael Jordan Once And It Was A Big Mistake

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Reggie Miller decided to trash talk to Michael Jordan during his rookie year and that was a big mistake


Kevin Garnett Borrowed Lance Stephenson’s Technique And Blew In A Guy’s Ear During A Game Last Night

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Kevin Garnett got into David West's head during a game, but is it less impressive because he used Lance Stephenson's move?


Kevin Garnett Included Hakeem Olajuwon As One Of His Top 3 Trash Talkers?

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There aren't many players who can yap at an opponent on the court like Kevin Garnett.

#Justin Bieber

Bravo, Dallas Stars. Bravo.

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During tonight's Dallas Stars-Toronto Maple Leafs game, the Stars jumbotron featured Justin Bieber's mugshot and a reminder that he's a Leafs fan.


Here’s The Best College Basketball Anti-Showboating Video Of The Week

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If you're going to do a little showboating on defense in a game of basketball, make sure it's not before your opponent hits the game-winner in your face.


Of Course Tito Ortiz Compared The UFC To Slavery. Of Course He Did.

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Tito Ortiz, who is the second highest earning fighter in UFC history, told SI Now that his tenure with the promotion was like slavery.


Chael Sonnen Is A Man Without An Opponent

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While it seems like Chael Sonnen and Wanderlei Silva want to fight each other, UFC President Dana White is far less confident about it happening.


Chael Sonnen Wants Wanderlei Silva Next And Hopes To Ref Silva-Weidman II

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Chael Sonnen is brash, bold, loud-mouthed, hyperbolic, arrogant and plenty of other adjectives, and he’s already won every fight that he’s ever been in weeks before the fight even happens.


Chael Sonnen Trash Talk Watch: The People’s Champ Called Shogun ‘Dead Wood’

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On Saturday night, the UFC will kick off a new era of sports television with the promotion’s debut on the much-hyped Fox Sports 1 network, which will supposedly attempt to give the folks in Bristol a run for their debate-embracing money.


73 Sports Movies In 73 Days: ‘White Men Can’t Jump’

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Declaring any one movie the greatest basketball movie of all-time would be an exercise in futility, as there are simply way too many good hoops movies that have been made over the years.


Ruben Guerrero Called Floyd Mayweather Jr. A Woman Beater

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On Saturday, WBC Welterweight Champion Floyd Mayweather, Jr.


Jordan Crawford May Have Said Something Naughty To Carmelo Anthony


NBA 6th Man of the Year JR Smith said that if he hadn’t been suspended for Game 4 of the first round of the New York Knicks playoff matchup against the Boston Celtics, he’d be playing golf right now.


'Cyborg' Santos And Ronda Rousey Are Still Talking About A Fight That Won't Happen

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Last we checked in on Cris “Cyborg” Santos, her and her manager Tito Ortiz were asking Dana White for her release from the UFC because she believed if she cut enough weight to qualify for a match against Ronda Rousey, she would die.


Georges St-Pierre Thinks Chris Weidman Will Beat Anderson Silva

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We’re only five days away from one of the most anticipated UFC Pay-Per-View events in recent history, as Georges St-Pierre will defend his UFC Welterweight Championship against Nick Diaz in the main event of UFC 158 Saturday night in Montreal.


Georges St-Pierre And Nick Diaz Are Probably Going To Kill Each Other At UFC 158

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While I’m happy to have a Saturday away from this site’s fiendishly loyal UFC fans, I’d really like it if next Saturday could hurry up and get here already so we can watch UFC 158.


The UFC Women Who Aren’t Ronda Rousey Are Unimpressed With Ronda Rousey

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Prior to Saturday’s UFC 157 pay-per-view, I worried that if Ronda Rousey pulled off a huge victory over Liz Carmouche in the first ever UFC women’s match, the countdown to the women’s division becoming a novelty could suddenly speed up like a bomb clock in a bad spy movie.


Chael Sonnen Reads Off List Of Insults Before Losing To Anderson Silva Again

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A rematch between Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva and challenger Chael Sonnen has been formally set and scheduled for June 23 at 50,000ish-seat Joao Havelange Stadium in Rio de Janeiro.


Aaron Rodgers Has Your GQ Right Here

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There’s a pretty big difference between Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers and New York Jets QB Mark Sanchez.


The Best MMA Feud You'll Read All Year

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Russian fighter Aleksander Emelianenko, brother of Fedor, has long dreamt of leaving the mother land behind and starting a new life in America, as an ass-kicking UFC champion.

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