An Irate Traveler Protested His Overbooked Flight By Getting Naked

A traveler facing flight troubles at Charlotte Douglas International Airport was seen yelling at employees before taking off all his clothes.


This Tourist’s Adventurous Sexual Encounter Ended Up Costing Him Six Figures And Nearly His Life


This tourist decided to sex up a Nevada hot spring with his lady while on holiday. Two hours later, he was in a hospital with a $250K bill.


Climate Change Is Going To Make Flying Even More Terrible


Hate flying? Think you can't hate it more? Climate change views that as a challenge to be accepted.


An Uber Driver Allegedly Sexually Harassed This Woman, So Uber Tried To Make It Up To Her With Credit


Oh our driver asked you to give him a blowjob? Sorry about that. Is a £20 credit enough?

security nightmares

Travelers Faced Security Lines Over A Mile Long At Chicago’s Midway Airport On Sunday


Oh no . . . Travelers faced wait time of up to 75 minutes attempting to get through security Sunday morning in Chicago.


This Woman’s Experience With A Leech Will Horrify You


A backpacker came home with a guest up her nose and a terrible story that will be a winner at dinner parties forever.


Dwyane Wade Took Seven Steps While Holding A Basketball. What Nobody Did Next Will Shock You.


Miami Heat star Dwyane Wade can do whatever he wants. Here he is traveling, taking seven steps and not being called for it.


The Misery Map Will Show You Just How Awful It Is To Fly Today


The Misery Map will show you cancellations and delays at major airports in a quick, visual way.


One Second In Every Nation

Graham Hughes is the only person to visit all 201 nations of the world without flying.


The TSA’s New Instagram Account Is Amazing


You'd think the TSA and Instagram would be a nexus of awful. Instead, this might be the best Instagram account ever conceived.


The TSA Has To Listen To Your Opinions About Backscatter Machines


The TSA was hoping to avoid listening to the public's opinion on backscatter machines. Unfortunately for them, the court have ordered them to listen.


Tourists in Israel Get Wi-Fi Via Donkeys

An Israeli tourist attraction designed to immerse tourists in a biblical experience has found a way to keep visitors connected by outfitting its donkeys with wireless routers.


Google Buys Frommer's, The Quite Good Travel Guide Company

Google buys a prominent travel guide, Frommer's. The question is, dear God, why?


Maddie The Coonhound Is A Superstar In The Making

I have a dream that one day an alien species will visit me in the middle of the night, and hopefully instead of trying to insert tracking devices into my tailpipe they will offer me the magical or technological ability to know any time something about an awesome dog or cat is uploaded to the Internet.


Just How Dirty Is Your Hotel Room?

The fine people at Trip Advisor have released their 2011 list of the dirtiest hotels in America, based on the online recommendations - or in this case terrible criticisms - by the poor souls who have had to find out the hard way.

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