Check Out This Tree Getting A Little Revenge On This Would Be Lumberjack

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This guy warns everyone to stand back for safety, but he never expects the tree to hit him on the ladder.


Da Got Ta Wore Has Spoken: Bucky Boyd Is Back To Lose Again In The Rough N Rowdy Brawl

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Bucky Boyd, ridiculous giant promo man and regular boxing match loser, is back to lose again in the biannual Rough N Rowdy Brawl. THE GOD OF WAR HAS SPOKEN.


Solomon Thomas Committed To Stanford With A Prop Tree And Some ‘Revenge Of The Nerds’ Glasses

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College standout Solomon Thomas announced his commitment to Stanford, and did so using a tiny prop tree and some Revenge of the Nerds glasses with nose tape

Animal Sex

Bucky Boyd, America's Worst Fighter, Is Back For Some Reason

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Bucky Boyd, the worst fighter in human history, has returned with a series of challenges, excuses and sexual advances for all his Buckymaniacs.


The Duck Dynasty Guys Are Making Duck Calls From The Remains Of Toomer’s Oaks

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Back in 2011, an Alabama fan named Harvey Updike, with sons named Crimson and Bear (ROLL TIDE), <a href="" target="_blank">was arrested for poisoning the legendary oak trees</a> at Toomer’s Corner, and earlier this year he was sentenced to at least six months in jail.


Gallery: Auburn Fans Rolled The Oaks At Toomer’s Corner One Last Time

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Last week, <a href="">we discussed Giancarlo Guida</a>, the Auburn grad and former Tigers rugby player who had a massive tattoo of Toomer’s Corner inked on his back, as that was one diehard fan’s way of saying goodbye to those iconic oak trees that were so heinously murdered by Alabama fan Harvey Updyke, Jr.


The Continuing Saga Of Bucky Boyd, America's Worst Fighter

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Last month we introduced you to the McDowell County Giant Bucky Boyd, a 7-foot, 400-pound West Virginia toughman with an ill-placed boner, a basic knowledge of video editing and a line delivery that made his rematch with "Tree" a must-see encounter.


West Virginia Giant Bucky Boyd Is The New Muhammad Ali

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West Virginia fight promoters put on an annual event called the 'Rough N' Rowdy Brawl,' a boxing showdown for amateurs within a 50-mile radius of whichever city hosts the card.


Fake Tree Turns Carbon Dioxide Into Baking Soda To Stop Climate Change

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Meet the fake tree that uses chemistry to save us from North Dakota as beachfront property.


Pine Tree Loses Its Nuts

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If you're familiar with our <a href="">A Guide to Recognizing Your Mascots</a> series (specifically the <a href="">Northwest League</a> edition) you're familiar with Eugene Emeralds mascot "Sluggo", a chatty, lime-green bear with abandonment and voyeurism issues.

moon rocks

NASA Is Trying To Track Down Hundreds Of “Moon Trees”


Don't you hate it when you lose something important.

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